Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday morning we woke up to a house full of chaos. I definitely enjoyed the Christmas season, but was definitely ready to get my house back to some sort of order. Still in my pj's, I started taking ornaments off the tree, making piles of Christmas decoration, and taking stuff off the mantle. When Jeremy got up (or when I woke him up) he kindly got boxes out of the attic so I could start packing away. Once all the decor was put away, then I had to tackle finding a home for all of the new toys, books and clothes that were lying all over the house. It took me most of the day and I'm still not quite finished. I really need to go through all three girls' closets and take out all of the things that are too small to make room for all of the new clothes. Tackling Camden and Claire's closet won't be that bad, but I really need to go through Carlyle's clothes and take out the newborn and 0-3 month clothes. This just makes me sad because instead of putting them in a rubbermaid container to save for the next child, I will be putting them in a container for either a garage sale or a consignment sale. Oh how that makes me sad. Don't get me wrong...I am VERY content with my three girls and really don't see myself having a fourth child, but to get rid of clothes is very hard for me. It shouldn't be that sentimental, but for some reason it is. I will be keeping quite a few things that I just love but am going to have to go through it sometime. Her closet is overflowing with clothes. Anyway, sorry for getting off track. While I was cleaning and organizing, I decided I would try Carlyle out in her exersaucer for the first time. She really doesn't like her Bumbo chair too much, but really likes to sit up so I thought this might be perfect. She did really well and was very entertained for a long time. She can't move herself around so she just sits there, but all the music and toys kept her busy for awhile. Camden talked to her most of the time and would turn her around to see all the different toys. I'm glad she did so well in the exersaucer, but at the same time, that means she's growing up...ugh!!! Oh well, I guess there's still plenty more firsts to look forward to.

I realized this morning when I put the girls' Christmas dresses on them that I never got a picture of all 3 together. I tried before church to attempt getting 3 smiles at the same time...yeah right. Here's what I ended up with.

Speaking of firsts...Carlyle rolled over for the first time tonight AND I MISSED IT!!! She actually did it TWICE and I wasn't even home. More on this a little later. I had taken Camden to see "The Princess and the Frog" with two of her little friends and their moms. I was actually looking forward to some one-on-one time with her. Camden and Claire are best friends, so whatever we end up doing usually involves both girls. I was very worried about how Claire would react to me taking Camden and not her. But, I decided I should just be honest with her. She was pretty upset and sad that she couldn't go, but I told her that just 5 year olds were going. She then told me that she was 5. I tried to think of fun things that she and her Daddy could do while we were gone. Nothing seemed to make her happy until I said she could have a camp-out, make a tent with blankets, use flashlights to read books and even eat marshmallows. That made her day. She ran to her Daddy as thrilled as could be and couldn't wait until we left so they could start their fun. I'm very sad that I didn't get any pictures of Camden and her friends, but Daddy took a couple of pictures of Claire during their camp-out.

After the movie we took the girls to McDonald's for dinner (good moms are all about nutritious food) and we let them play for a bit. Jeremy texted me and told me that Carlyle had rolled over, not once, but twice. He said that after the first time he thought it was a fluke so he put her back on her tummy and she again rolled to her back. I am so bummed that I missed it. After her bath tonight, I put her on her tummy thinking she might roll for her mommy, but no such luck. She just stared at me and then got pretty upset. She really prefers her back. I put her pacifier in her mouth while she was on her tummy and her head immediately dropped down like she was ready to go to sleep. So, we switched to laying on her back. I gave her a toy to hold and she held on to it for a long time. However, every time she would move her arm up and down the toy would hit her in the head. It was kind of funny, but not to Carlyle. She really enjoyed watching her musical stacker light up and play music. On a side note, do you see the pink blanket in the pictures that Carlyle is laying on? That used to be my blanket when I was a baby and after thirty something years, it had pretty much fallen apart. My mom decided she was going to try and fix it. She kept as much of the original material as she could, but had to be rather creative when it came to keeping it together. I didn't know she had been working on it but I opened up a Christmas present to find a newly repaired blanket. I think it looks amazing!!! Just wanted to give credit to my mom who worked so hard on this special gift. Thanks mom! I'm looking forward to using this blanket with Carlyle!

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