Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fun with Uncle J

Uncle Jeremy's home from London to spend some time with the family for Christmas!! His nieces (especially Camden and Claire) were super excited to see him on Sunday!! Uncle Jeremy has been playing with the girls, watching cartoons with the girls and even took them shopping on Monday. Camden and Claire keep telling me that whatever they got is a surprise and I won't find out until Christmas. He even introduced them to Smoothie King, where they enjoyed a chocolate smoothie. And, he has spent some quality time with Carlyle, too. He got her to talking the other night, and just swears that she said "uncle". I'll be sure to write that down in her baby book as her first word at 3 months. All 3 girls are looking forward to spending some more time with their uncle the rest of the week. They'll be sad when he has to leave on Sunday, but in the meantime they are soaking up all the extra attention!!

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