Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camden's piano recital

On Saturday, May 19, Camden had her piano recital. She was so calm and never seemed to get nervous. She had been practicing her piano piece for weeks and weeks and by the recital she had perfected it!! I am so proud of her hard work and practice this past year! Already looking forward to next year!!
Mrs. Stone and Camden

Monday, May 28, 2012

Camden's visit to Claire's class

I know this is a little out of order, but I forgot to post this entry. A few weeks ago on Friday, May 11, Camden went to read a book to Claire's class. Since Camden had the same teacher as Claire, I know Mrs. Aubuchon enjoys seeing how well she is reading. Camden wanted to find the perfect book so I helped her choose one. We decided on one of our favorites, "Pickle Things". Camden did so good and acted just like a teacher as she showed the pictures to the class. Claire was so proud to have her big sister reading to her friends. And Carlyle was just happy to be at "Claire's school".

Journal entry

Since the end of school is quickly approaching, the girls have been bringing home lots of things from school: markers, glue, poetry folders, journals, etc... So, I've been reading through their journals and it's amazing to see what they wrote at the beginning of the year and how they progressed throughout the year. There is such a dramatic difference in their first entry and their last one. As I was reading, I came across one of Camden's entries. The topic was: "Who knows you best?" And this is what she wrote! Makes my heart happy!!

Claire's Field Day & Last day of PDO

Last Thursday was Claire's field day and our last day of PDO. Since I couldn't go watch Claire, Aunt Crystal, Madeline and Ella went to show their support. Aunt Rachel was there, too, since Jax was participating. Here's a few pictures of all the fun!!
Madeline and Claire
And I couldn't forget to show you a couple of pictures of Carlyle at End-of-the-year party. Ice cream is always a favorite!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Western Day

Dressed and ready for Western Day at school!

Camden's Field Day

Field Day for 1st grade was scheduled for Tuesday, but since I work on Tuesdays, I wasn't going to be able to go and watch Camden. Fortunately, her daddy and two aunts saved the day! Jeremy was able to come watch for a little bit and Crystal and Rachel, along with Jax, Selah, Madeline and Ella all came to cheer Camden on!! Camden was thrilled that she had so many fans!! She had a blast doing all the activities! A big thanks to Rachel and Crystal for supporting Camden! And thanks to Crystal for the pictures! Madeline, Jax and Camden

Mother's Day 2012

We started off Mother's Day by going to church and then I joined Camden and Claire for a special Mother's Day Tea during Sunday School. After that, we headed to attend church with Nana. It was a long morning, but I'm glad we could share the special day with her. I know she was happy that we were there. We all went to lunch where we gave Nana her gifts. She loved the girls' silhouettes!
After Carlyle and I had a nap, we went to visit Marme' and Pops. She loved her angel picture and already has a special place to hang it!!
What a great Mother's Day! Jeremy and the girls gave me their gift Saturday night. I can't wait to go get my manicure/pedicure very soon!! We are so blessed that we live close to our parents and that we get to share holidays with them. We love you Nana and Marme' and hope your Mother's Day was very special!!