Monday, January 26, 2009

Transitions for a 2 year old

So I've been thinking that I need to do two things before this new baby arrives, and they both pertain to Claire. One-transition her from the crib to a twin bed. Two-POTTY TRAIN! Well, she's almost 2 1/2, therefore I thought potty training might go easier since Camden was almost 3 before I got her in a twin bed. Friday we were home all day, which is VERY RARE. I decided to just put her in panties all day and see how she did. When I finally did change the girls' clothes, it was around 10:30, therefore, there wasn't much morning left. But, it was off to a good start. No accidents, but she didn't do anything on the potty, even though she made several attempts. So, at naptime I decided a diaper was best. After nap, the panties went back on. It was so pretty outside that we all went out to ride bikes and trikes and cars. My dad stopped by to see the girls and they all had a blast outside. I continued asking Claire if she needed to potty (which was probably my downfall..maybe I should have just taken her). She said no every time. My dad went to pick her up and she was completely soaked. Pee was running all the way down her legs, but she didn't complain. She was still playing on her tricycle and car like there was not a problem. Right then I decided that she was not the least bit interested. I figured why stress myself out when I'm just going to have to keep cleaning up accidents. Wouldn't it just be easier to change diapers? So, tonight I decided that maybe I'll switch gears and try the big bed. Claire had no nap today and was extra sleepy, therefore, thought the move might go over better than I had thought. I put her in the twin bed with her baby and blankets, we said our prayers and I told her goodnight. She was a little fearful of the monsters that she thinks are in her room, but after reassuring her that there are no monsters, she said "Goodnight Mommy". It's been about 15 minutes and I had heard nothing so I went in and checked on her. I thought she might be asleep, but she wasn't. She was laying there so still and when she saw me she waved and said "Night night". How sweet! Maybe this will work!!! Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe if she gets used to the twin bed it will be easier to transition her to Camden's room to join her in the bunk beds. I'm hoping anyway!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Camden and Claire's news

Yes, I'm pregnant...due Sept 28. Please pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. We are all excited!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baylor Basketball

This morning we got dressed and headed to Waco to watch a Baylor Basketball game. The girls were very excited to be going to see "The Big Bear", as Claire calls it. And, we couldn't disappoint them. First thing after arriving in Waco, we went to the Bear Pit to check out the bears. And, we were fortunate enough and got to see both bears! How fun!! Then, on to my favorite thing...Lunch at Ninfa's!! Eating there brings back lots of college memories!! We arrived at the game fairly early. We still had about 40 minutes or so before tip off, so we were unsure of how Camden and Claire would do while we waited. But, they sure surprised us. There was so much going on that they were entertained the entire wait time. And, when it came time to announce the BU starters, the lights dimmed and the green and yellow spotlights came on. The girls were in awe! What fun to see the wonder and amazement on their faces. The game was so fast paced that they were really entertained. There was a bear mascot that came out wearing basketball shorts and a jersey and he ran around and acted silly the whole game. This was definitely Claire's favorite part! Every 10 seconds she would ask me, "Where's the big bear?"...I PROMISE it was every 10 seconds!! We left at half-time, but only because Claire was getting very tired and whiny. I really think Camden would have enjoyed watching the entire game. She would clap for whoever made a shot, no matter what team it was. What a good sport!! We had a great Saturday on our road trip and hope to have many more in the future!

Checking out the bears

Daddy and Camden at the game

Mommy and Claire

The players warming up

Do you see the big bear??

Friday, January 16, 2009

Trip to the library

The other day, a friend of mine went to the library with her little girl, and I thought that was something I should be doing with Camden. So, it inspired me and I asked Camden if she would like to go to the library. Of course, Claire would have to tag along, too. Camden was SO excited. She remembered an episode of Caillou(one of her favorite tv shows)where he goes to the library and gets to read books, listen to storytime and even check out books. So every day she and Claire have been asking if today was the day we were going to the library. Well, this morning I was happy to answer YES!!! We arrived at the library, right as they were opening the door. We went straight in and went to the desk to inquire about getting a library card. The lady said that even Camden and Claire could get a card. Camden's eyes lit up! She was so excited to be getting her OWN card. Claire really could have cared less, which is pretty much the exact same attitude she had all morning while we were there. After getting our cards, we headed back to the children's section, where they had lots and lots of stuffed animals, cute painted table and chairs and a big rug to sit on. We picked out a few books to look at and sat down to read. However, Claire's attention span was less than a minute long and was off to play with the stuffed animals. Camden did enjoy reading some books with Mommy, but even her attention span was a lot shorter since we had Claire with us. And, Claire was such a disruption because she doesn't understand the meaning of whisper or talk quietly. I guess our next trip to the library will be on a Camden and Mommy day. Today was a good day, and even though the trip didn't go exactly like I had pictured it in my mind, it was still a lot of FUN!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Gym

Today was Show Week at Little Gym, so both the girls got to show off what they'd been learning in class. Camden was so excited about me coming in to class today! However, when it came time for her to perform her tap and ballet routines, she didn't do too much. She did a few of the moves, but that's about it. After the routines, the class all did the Chicken Dance, which she really likes. She did participate for that, but I'm starting to realize that maybe dance just isn't her thing. After dance, we all headed to the gym for gymnastics, which is her FAVORITE!! She loves to get on the high bar and do forward rolls. She is getting so strong and is able to push herself up on the bar by herself. At the end of class she was awarded a medal for all of her hard work this semester. After Camden's class was over we headed back into the gym for Claire's class. Camden was able to come in with us, which was a treat. Instead of just watching Claire, she thought she needed to be a helper to Claire. They started off on the air track, which is kind of like an inflatable trampoline. She and Camden had a ball on this...jumping and jumping and jumping! Then they got to explore whatever they wanted. Claire enjoyed walking on the high beam, but really loved the bars! She did GREAT doing a roll on the bar. She kept doing it over and over. Toward the end of class, it was time to play with the balls, which was a favorite, too!! Claire was also awarded a gold medal and was SO proud of it! She even wore it to church tonight to show her teachers and her friend, Charley.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Arkansas Trip

This past weekend, my parents, the girls and I all headed up to Arkansas for a visit with family. The girls were SO excited to see their cousins. My cousin, Michelle, was having a baby shower, so that's the main reason we made the trip up. What a fun weekend we had. We left Thursday afternoon and arrived at Stephanie's (my cousin) house around 11:00pm. The girls only slept in the car for about 45 minutes, so we all were exhausted! No one fought me on going to sleep that night. Friday was a fun day filled with playing outside with Levi, Emma Grace and Mallory. They have kittens, a new puppy and 3 horses. Camden and Claire got to help feed the horses, too. With five kids, there is bound to be chaos and craziness. Friday afternoon, all the kids were outside where they were playing on the swingset. Mallory was apparently standing on the top step of the slide and Claire was right below her, when Mallory (who is wearing big girl panties)pees right there. Luckily, Claire had her coat on with her hood up over her head, because Mallory peed right on the hood of her coat. Claire starts crying, Mallory starts crying and, as all of this is going on, Camden starts crying because she got bit by the dog. WOW!!! Can you say three-ring circus?? Saturday was a bit more calm. We went to run some errands and came back for a much needed nap. The girls and I slept great. When we woke up, the shower was about to start. There were lots of other kids at the party. Kenlee and Jack came, too. Camden and Claire had so much fun playing, eating cake, drinking punch and playing some more! Thanks Arkansas crew for such a GREAT weekend! Can't wait to meet Baby Wright!!

Papa and Levi playing bowling on the Wii

Papa, Camden and Claire waiting for the horses to come up to the fence

Claire and one of the horses

Claire dressing up as an angel

Jack, Camden, Levi and Kenlee

Claire with her baby and purse

Camden and Levi wrestling on the floor

Mallory, Camden and Claire all ready for bed

Claire in her cool shades on the way home

Camden's sporting some sunglasses too

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time for haircuts

Today the girls and I went to get a much needed haircut! Everytime I ask the girls if they want to get their hair cut, their response is always the same..."NO NO!!". But, much to their dismay, I made an appt. b/c I was in need of a major cut! Camden went first. I had to bribe her to sit in the chair by herself and told her that I needed her to show Claire how to sit there for Mrs. Amy. Surprisingly, she did GREAT! No tears, not even a whimper or whine. She was looking forward to the treat at the end. Next up was Claire. In order to get her to sit in the chair by herself, we had to give her a treat first. She did great though!! She held her sucker in her hand while Mrs. Amy did a little trim. I have to say, for her first haircut, I was SO IMPRESSED!! Camden cried the whole time for her first! Claire even got a picture with Mrs. Amy after it was over. What a sweetie!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pajama Problems

OK...I thought Claire was past the point of stripping in her crib, but I guess I was wrong. I just went in to check on my kids before I went to bed, and you can only imagine what I found. Claire was completely naked, curled up in the corner of her crib. It was so cute, but at the same time, so frustrating. I had dressed her in fleece pj's that DID NOT have the snap over the zipper. I really thought we were past this phase so I assumed those pj's were safe for her. (see post "It's Pajama Time" for our struggles with pajamas). She's worn them many times this winter season, but chose tonight as the night when she wanted to sleep in the nude. Apparently, she had been sleeping that way for close to 2 hours, which I feel horrible about. When I picked her up to put her diaper and pajamas back on her, she was shaking b/c she was so cold. However, much to my amazement, she had not peed nor pooped. So, there was no mess to clean up...THANK YOU CLAIRE!!! I might be making a trip to the mall tomorrow in search of some Claire-proof pj's. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Top Bunk Excitement

Back in May, we ordered Camden and Claire bunk beds. When they came in, I wasn't real sure how Camden would do on the top bunk, therefore, wanted her to sleep on the bottom bunk for awhile. After one attempt at the top bunk, she was scared and agreed that she needed to be on the bottom. It all worked out because Claire was quite content in her crib, and honestly, I wasn't sure if I wanted her in a big girl bed at that point. She was already growing up so fast, I didn't want to rush anything (like the fact that I haven't really pushed potty training, either). Well, it's the beginning of a new year and Camden has been asking about the top bunk off and on now for a couple of weeks. So, at nap time today I asked her if she wanted to sleep on the top bunk. You would have thought Santa had brought her some more gifts...her eyes lit up SO BIG and said OH YES!!! So, I dug out the ladder to the bunk bed, which had been hidden in her closet, and attached it to the bed. After a few rules, like no going up and down the ladder, she said goodnight. I did go in a couple of times to check on her, but sound asleep she was. What a big girl! I guess tonight we'll be able to tell if this was a good move. Sleeping a couple of hours on the top compared to all night when it's dark might be a little different scenario. And, just in case you're wondering, Claire's going to stay in her crib for a while longer!