Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tonight all the grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins came over for dinner and trick-or-treating. All the kids were so excited about filling their bags full of candy!! And they did just that! We had so much fun with our family!! I think Hideaway is the place to trick-or-treat. There were so many kids out and about, but I think we had the cutest poodle, witches and cupcake and the strongest Superman byfar. What a fun Halloween!! Thanks to our family for spending the evening with us. We had a blast!

Trying to get a picture of all the cousins. Poor Carlyle just isn't happy.

Family picture


Is anybody home??

Tired of walking

Cute cupcake

Happy poodle

Give me some candy! Chocolate is my favorite!!

Trip to the World Series-Game 3

Saturday night, Jeremy and my dad had the privilege of attending Game 3 of the World Series. My brother had a friend who was affiliated with one of the teams and was able to get him a "good deal" on two tickets. He immediately thought of Jeremy and Dad. And, of course, they both were ecstatic! They found out they were going to the game on Wednesday and Jeremy was on Cloud 9 the rest of the week. They left town around 11:00am and headed to Dallas. When they arrived they ate lunch at Pappadeaux (Jeremy's choice, I'm sure). When the gates opened at 3:00pm, they were there waiting. They wanted to watch batting practice and take in the sights! They had a great time! A big thanks to my brother for his thoughtfulness...and for taking advantage of his "connections". What a trip of a lifetime!! Here are some pics taken from Jeremy's phone.

Karl Ravech(anchor for ESPN's Baseball tonight) and Nomar Garciaparra (former player for Red Sox and currently a commentator)

Bobby Valentine (former manager for Texas Rangers) and Dave Winfield (Hall of Fame player for the New York Yankees)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Storybook Character Day

Today was Storybook Character dress-up day at Camden's school. She was so excited. Even though she is going to be a witch for Halloween, I wasn't sure that would be considered a "storybook character". So, she decided to be Fancy Nancy. I didn't want to spend alot of money on the costume, so luckily we already had most of the accessories. All we had to buy were the red sparkly shoes and the tutu, which I thought would be a good investment because the girls could add those things to their dress-up trunk. It didn't take much coaxing to get Camden out of bed this morning. She was so ready to get dressed. I think she looks pretty cute, but I know I'm biased.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

PDO Costume Parade

Today was the annual costume parade at school. It was kind of sad because Camden wasn't with us. I'm so used to getting a picture of all 3 of my girls and today it was just 2. Just one of the things I have to get used to. Claire was excited to get to wear her witch costume to school. And she was excited to see all of her friends dressed up. Here she is with Charley, a cute little butterfly.

Here are some of the teachers kids all dressed up...Charley, Maddison (elephant), Carlyle (poodle), Claire, John (football player), Callen (spider) and Garrett (circus peanut). Aren't they all so cute??

Isn't this the cutest little poodle you've ever seen??

Claire, Mommy and Carlyle

Remember these pictures from last year?? Left to right...Carlyle, Callen and Leighton

They were all so little!!

We decided to try it again this year...much more difficult with 3 mobile kids. Left to right...Leighton (ladybug), Carlyle (poodle) and Callen (spider)

Takes 2 through 5 weren't any better. Poor kids thought they were being tortured.

We decided to add the circus peanut in the pictures.

Cute little ladybug

Claire's class

Carlyle and Callen

Some of the babies in the buggy

Passed out

Just a cute picture of Carlyle on Tuesday at school. One shoe on and one shoe off, passed out without a care in the world.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baylor Homecoming 2010

Friday afternoon we headed down to Waco for Baylor Homecoming. Camden and Claire had been so excited all week! After dinner Friday night, we made our way to campus for Extravaganza. They had a ferris wheel and another carnival ride that went really fast. Not sure what it was called, but the lines for both were outrageous. Of course, the girls wanted to ride both but we told them they could just choose one. So, they opted for the "other fast ride". We waited in line for almost an hour for them to ride. They were really looking forward to riding with Papa. When we finally made it to the gate, the guy in charge said that Claire wasn't tall enough to ride. I was NOT happy! After waiting in line for that long, only to be told that my kid couldn't ride, just did not seem fair to me. And then I was left to deal with a very disappointed little girl who didn't understand why her big sister got to ride without her. Oh might have been for the best. After watching Camden on that ride, I think I'm glad that Claire didn't ride. When Camden got off, she said she thought she was going to get sick. It was alot faster than she thought. I think next year we will choose the ferris wheel. At least both girls can ride and they KNOW they like it! It was past Carlyle's bedtime, but she did really well. I think she was fascinated by all the lights, people and entertainment. The girls saw the bear from the book "B is for Baylor" and wanted to get a picture with him. The minute Carlyle laid eyes on the bear, she started screaming. Of course, I got a picture anyway. We had a fun evening, but were all ready for bed. Everyone except Jeremy and Papa. We all went to bed and they went down to the lobby where they found a big screen TV so they could watch the Rangers.

Saturday morning we were all up bright and early. After some yummy donuts, we went to campus to claim our spot to watch the parade. While waiting for it to start, we did a little shopping in the bookstore and took some fun pictures. The girls LOVED the parade and got tons of candy. They decided to bring their Halloween bags and they came in handy for sure.

We bought Carlyle a Baylor Bear and she loved and cuddled with it all day.

Carlyle was in awe of the big bear balloon. It was so fun seeing her reaction to all of the excitement.

We had such a great weekend. I love going back to Waco and love being back on campus. And I love sharing it with my family. I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend college at Baylor and am even more blessed to be able to go back every year for Homecoming. This has become such a special tradition that we all look forward to every year! Can't wait til Homecoming 2011!!