Monday, October 31, 2011


Last night the girls had so much fun trick-or-treating with their cousins. Nana, Papa and Marme' and Pops all came over to watch the kids collect tons of candy. This year we decided to ride in the back of Jake's truck. Last year we walked and walked and walked and never thought we would make it home. We were all exhausted!! The truck was a much better idea! Pops drove and Nana and Marme' and Selah all rode inside. The kids had a great time!!

Since I didn't manage to get a picture of the girls in their costumes last night, here are pics from a week ago.

Baby Selah was dressed as a black cat and looked adorable!!!

The cousins

And we're off!!

Carlyle was lagging behind.

Carlyle was checking out the ghosts on Mrs. Wendy's front porch.

What a fun Halloween spending time with family!! Looking forward to next year when we will have another little one to add to the festivities!! (In case you didn't know, Crystal is pregnant..NOT ME!!!)

Fall Festival

Sunday afternoon our church had its annual Fall Festival. Before heading that way, we stopped by my grandmother's house for some trick-or-treating. The girls were so excited for their first house to get candy at!! And, Mother Parker doesn't just give the great grandkids one piece...she let them take as much as they wanted. I finally had to move the bowl in the kitchen. Before we left, we tried for a picture. All the girls were so cooperative! Why can't all the pictures I take of them go that smoothly??

Jax, Madeline and their parents met us at the church. Carlyle noticed the bounce houses and got so excited!!The kids had so much fun being together. I think their favorite thing was the inflatable slide. They stood in line a long time to go down the slide and continued to want to do it again and again. What a fun afternoon! Thanks to Jake, Crystal, Madeline, Rex, Rachel and Jax for coming with us. We had a blast!

Super fun Friday!!!

Friday was 50's day at Camden's school and Storybook Character day at Claire's. Nana made Camden a poodle skirt and I thought she looked adorable, even though she has no clue what people dressed like or what went on in the 50's. Claire wore her Halloween costume and made a beautiful Belle.

This past week, Claire was the "Marvelous Me" in her class. We put together a poster full of pictures of her from when she was a baby until now. She also got to bring Show and Tell on Friday, have her parents eat lunch with her that week and invite her mom or dad to read her favorite book. Claire asked if Camden could read the book to her class and I loved that idea! Mrs. Aubuchon was excited about it too because she wanted to hear how well Camden was reading. Camden practiced many times reading the book and she did a great job!! She even showed the pictures to the kids, just like a teacher. What a treat for Mrs. Aubuchon to see how Camden has progressed since leaving her Kindergarten class in May. We were both so proud of Camden and Claire loved having her big sister read to her class.

Friday, October 28, 2011

PDO Costume Parade

Yesterday we had our annual Costume Parade at PDO and all the kiddos were so cute!! Carlyle LOVES her Minnie Mouse costume and looks adorable in it!! Before the parade began, we all got some pictures with friends.

Charley, Kellar the pig and Callen
Ella, Parker, Carlyle, Charley and Callen

Leighton, Callen and Carlyle

Mommy and her Minnie Mouse

We even had a Frog Prince...isn't her so cute??

The babies are all ready for the parade.

Carlyle walking down the hall.

When she walked into the sanctuary, she sat on the step as she watched the papparazzi at work:)

And, because I think it's cute, here's The 3 Muskateers Halloween pictures from this year(2011), last year(2010) and 2009.

Sweet Carlyle

Enjoy listening to Carlyle sing "Saw, Saw, Saw" (a song from sunday school) and the Barney song. Be sure to turn the music down at the bottom of the page so you can hear her:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday Fun

Saturday afternoon the girls got all dressed up in their Halloween costumes so we could go to Gage's 5th birthday. It was alot of fun. Camden and Claire loved bobbing for apples. Even though I forgot to take any pictures at the party, there were cute Monster-themed games, a pinata and yummy pizza and cookie cake!! Happy Birthday, Gage!!!

After the party, we headed back to Hideaway where they had their annual Fall Festival. As we walked in, Camden and Carlyle immediately wanted to go on the tractor ride. Claire and Daddy went to play some games. After the ride, we met up with them and headed to the cupcake walk. Seriously, I think we went through about 5 or 6 rounds. Claire was determined to win a cupcake. Unfortunately, she didn't win and was sad. But, we reminded her that Halloween is in one week and she will get TONS of candy. That seemed to lift her spirits a bit!

We had a fun-filled Saturday and enjoyed getting to dress up in our costumes! Carlyle absolutely LOVES her Minnie Mouse costume!! And, Claire is such a pretty Belle! And, don't you think Camden should join the Lindale cheerleaders on Friday night?? Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


All the cousins!
Claire, Carlyle, Camden, Jaxson, Selah and Madeline

Camden gets stitches

Saturday was supposed to be a low-key day. The girls spent the night with my parents Friday night so Saturday morning I headed to their house to get them. I had promised my mom I would help her clean out one of her closets. While we cleaned, the girls played outside with Papa. Around 11am we had finished and sat down to take a break. The girls were in and out and Camden came in to ask if she could have a piece of candy. My dad had bought several bags of the miniature candy bars (Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Snickers). I told her she could have one piece since it was about lunch time. I never thought twice about how she would open the bag. A few seconds later, she walked up to me with a paper towel around her finger and told me she needed a band-aid because she cut her finger. When I asked how she cut it, she told me a knife. She never cried or freaked out. In fact, she was so calm about the whole thing. When I looked at it and saw how deep the cut was, I knew I needed to take her and get it stitched up. When I said that, then the freaking out began. Ha! My friends' husband is a doctor and he is the one who tended to Camden a few months ago when she got her finger slammed in the door. So, we went back to Mr. Ben and he stitched her right up. The hardest part was holding her down while he gave her the injections to numb her finger. After that, we both sat and watched as he put in 4 stitches. She was such a brave girl, but I think she has learned her lesson about knives. What a day!!!

Camden after getting stitches. You can't see them b/c of the band-aid, but they are there:)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Painting Pumpkins

Sunday afternoon I thought it would be fun to do something "crafty" with the girls. I bought some little pumpkins and decided I would let them paint their pumpkins, any way they wanted. I didn't really have a plan, nor did I have an idea of what the finished products should look like. I just gave the girls some paint, brushes and pumpkins and said go. They had alot of fun being creative and I enjoyed watching them work.