Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we all headed in to see what Santa had brought. Camden was so excited to find golf clubs. She had been wanting some so she can go play with her Daddy. Claire got a new bike and Carlyle found a Princess riding toy.

After they played with their toys and opened stockings, we found a note from Santa. It told the girls that there was one more gift that he couldn't fit down the chimney so he left it in the backyard. They immediately got SO excited. They ran outside to see what Santa left. They were beyond thrilled with their new playhouse. Even Carlyle wanted to get inside to play. It was still dark outside, plus it was FREEZING and RAINY. We promised they could play in it later that day. Carlyle screamed when we came inside...she definitely will have so much fun with her sisters playing house.

We came back inside and opened our gifts. The girls got WAY TOO MUCH! After a few hours of playing, it was off to Marme's to open stockings and then over to Nana and Papa's to see what Santa left there.

Claire walked into Nana and Papa's to find a serving cart with a tea set. She has had so much fun having tea parties and serving dinner to all her family. Camden got a big doll head that she can put make-up on and fix her hair. She loves it. And Carlyle got a train, which Camden and Claire played with almost all afternoon. It's crazy how Camden and Claire will get their own toys, but they LOVE Carlyle's baby toys just as much! And, of course, they opened lots of presents from Nana and Papa. All three girls love Carlyle's dino riding toy. I think they all took their turn riding him around the house. Thanks Nana and Papa for everything, especially the yummy lunch!!

We had a great Christmas with our families and feel so blessed that they live close enough that we can spend the holidays with them. Thanks to both families for all you did to make Christmas so special for us and the girls! We love you!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning we headed to my parents to spend a little time with them. My mom started a new tradition this year. She got the girls each a gift that they could open Christmas Eve. They were super excited, especially since they got their first Barbie!! She also got them a new Christmas movie. After they opened their gift, my mom read "The Night Before Christmas" to them and then we watched their new movie, "Santa Paws". They had so much fun playing with their Barbie that afternoon while waiting to head to Marme' and Pops.

We spent Christmas Eve night at Marme' and Pops' house. After we ate a yummy dinner, we celebrated Jesus' birthday with cake and punch. Then we exchanged white elephant gifts. This is our second year to do this and it was really funny! Some real thought went into some of these gifts!! Then, Santa made his annual appearance at the Chilek house, bringing gifts for all the grandkids. Only Jax and Camden wanted to get a picture with him. After all that fun, we tore into the mountain of gifts. It was pure chaos, but oh so much fun!! We all got some great stuff, especially all the kiddos. Tons of toys and clothes!! What a fun night!

A visit with Mother Parker

Thursday afternoon we went over to see Mother Parker and give her a Christmas present. With so many places to be on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we usually don't make it by her house. So, we usually try to go by and visit a few days before Christmas. The girls were excited about seeing Mother Parker, but when it was time to get a picture, Claire's attitude quickly changed. She was NOT going to cooperate. Jeremy and I were both getting really frustrated with her. I finally decided to just get some pictures and let Claire do what she wanted. Well, that didn't go so well. Here's what I got...

Maybe our next visit with Mother Parker will go better. Here's hoping anyway!

Making Christmas cookies

The girls and I spent Thursday morning making Christmas cookies with Nana. Camden and Claire look forward to this every year. We let Carlyle "help" this year. She enjoyed sampling the cookie dough and playing in the flour. Camden and Claire worked hard to roll out their dough and had the best time picking the cookie cutters and making their cookies. Thank you Nana for making this a special tradition for us each Christmas!

Our cookies for Santa