Monday, January 30, 2012


Pinterest has become my new hobby. I love pinning new recipes, craft ideas, gift ideas and holiday decor ideas. Last week, I finally decided that I was going to actually use some of the ideas I've gathered. I made a few new recipes, made a Valentine's decoration and a teacher gift. I'm quite proud of myself and think I will be using Pinterest quite alot!! Here are two pics, one of my Valentine's Love Tree and the other is a wreath for Claire's teacher. I think they both turned out very cute!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweetheart Ball!

ECC hosted their annual Sweetheart Ball last night and Claire was so excited! She has had her dress since right after Christmas and has been anxious ever since. After she got dressed and we fixed her hair, she told me she looked like a princess! Indeed, she did!! After a few pictures, the princess and her handsome prince were off to dance the night away.

Jeremy was kind enough to send me a few pictures once they arrived. Claire isn't a fan of crowds and when there is alot of people around she gets very shy. When they arrived it was packed, so instead of going into the gym, she opted to stop in the cafeteria for a snack first. Then after dancing a slow dance with Daddy, they sat down and took a break. It wasn't long after that when she told him that she was ready to leave and go eat:) It's so funny how Camden and Claire's personalities are so different. Comparing last year with Camden and this year with Claire, you can really see their unique personalities shine through. Even though they didn't dance the night away, they still had a great time and enjoyed spending the night together on their special date!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carlyle's 1st haircut!!

Carlyle's hair has gotten so long, and although I love putting her hair in pigtails and ponytails, I decided it was time for a haircut. The ends had become quite uneven and there seemed to be tangles in it all the time. When it's time to do her hair in the mornings, she will run from me and then scream and cry the entire time until I'm done. So...yesterday was THE DAY!! And I decided that she would look cute with her hair about chin length! So we went to see Mrs. Tina, who happens to be Carlyle's PDO teacher. I think that helped ALOT!! She loves Mrs. Tina and was very comfortable with her! She walked right in and sat in the chair ALL BY HERSELF! Camden and Claire both had to sit in my lap so I was shocked when she got right up in the chair. Carlyle did so good and didn't cry until the hairdryer was turned on. Apparently she is NOT a fan of the hairdryer, so we let her hair dry on its own. I love how her hair turned out and think it's super cute!!! Thank you so much Mrs. Tina for making making Carlyle's first haircut a success!!

Before and after

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playing Catch Up!!

Since Christmas, I have been such a slacker with taking pictures. I'm not sure I have even gotten my camera out of the bag. However, I have taken a few pics with my phone. Take a look at what we've been up to.

We ended 2011 cheering on Baylor at the Alamo Bowl! What a great game!! Sic 'Em Bears!

Can't leave home without our new owl hats

In early January, we helped Papa celebrate his birthday.

The girls enjoyed some fun in the bath with glow sticks.

Carlyle posed for a picture at school.

We took advantage of the warmer temps and had fun at the park with friends.

We spent a Friday night together as a family and went to a Lindale basketball game!! Go Eagles!!

Carlyle loves Sunday School, not because her parents are her teachers, but because she has sweet friends and loves learning about Jesus!

Camden and Claire begged to have a "camp-out" in their closet...on a school night. I finally gave in and they ended up sleeping in their closet ALL WEEK!!

Carlyle is our mischevious little angel. One night after she was bathed and dressed in her pajamas, she went back into the bathroom and got back in the tub!

And finally, this picture was taken just a few days ago while watching Mickey Mouse. What a hard life!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!! My goal is to do better about updating the blog! I know the grandparents would appreciate it:)