Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

Lindale ISD has some of the best, most loving and dedicated teachers in the state. The first week in April was designated "Teacher Appreciation Week". The district had breakfasts, snacks and lunches provided throughout the week and the parent organization provided lunch and snacks, as well. I wanted to do something special for Camden and Claire's teachers. Last year, I gave Mrs. Aubuchon small gifts each day of the week, but this year I switched it up a bit. I decided to give gifts each day, but it was from a "secret student". Then on the last day, the teacher would find out who the gifts were from. I can't take credit for this cute idea...I found it on the internet. So, here's what we did!

DAY 1: On the 1st day of Teacher Appreciation Week
A secret student gave to me...
A fun night at home with a movie!
Each teacher received a basket filled with their favorite candy, drink, popcorn and a movie.

DAY 2: On the 2nd day of Teacher Appreciation Week
A secret student gave to me...
Two packs of fun colored pens...

DAY 3: On the 3rd day of Teacher Appreciation Week
A secret student gave to me
Three sets of post-it notes...

DAY 4: On the 4th day of Teacher Appreciation Week
A secret student gave to me
Four bags of treasure box prizes...

DAY 5: On the 5th day of Teacher Appreciation Week
My secret student I could see
On a book of 5 Things She Likes About Me!

The girls came up with 5 things they like about their teacher and wrote one on each page and drew a picture to go along with it. Then I made it into a book for their teacher.

This was a really fun thing to do and it really wasn't that expensive. It just took some time to think of things to get that I thought the teachers would use/need for their classroom and a little more time putting it all together. In the end, I thought it turned out very cute and I know the teachers loved getting surprises each day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kindergarten Spring Program

Last night 235 Kindergarteners sang and danced in a program called "Let's Rock". It was so so cute!! Half of the kids dressed as rock stars and the other half dressed in 50's attire. Out of all the Kindergarten students, Claire got chosen to lead everyone in the Pledge to the Texas Flag. She was so excited about this honor and she did a great job!! I am amazed that two ladies and one assistant can get that many kids to learn all of the dance movements, as well as sing the songs! It was absolutely amazing!!!

My cute 50's girl

Sisters and best buds

This pose was Camden's idea

All of the girl grandkids, minus Ella Kate

Jax, the rockstar and Claire

Mrs. Aubuchon and Claire

Claire holding flowers for Mrs. Branch, the music teacher

Mrs. Sustaire welcoming everyone to the program

Claire presenting flowers to Mrs. Branch on behalf of the school

Leading everyone in the Pledge to the Texas flag

Singing "God Bless America" while doing sign language. Awesome!!

Jax dancing with rhythm sticks

Concentrating hard while dancing with balloons

Dancing with her partner, Otto

All's over!!

Mrs. Sustaire and Claire

Papa and Claire

Carlyle and Claire with the flower she got from Marme'.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ella Kate is here!

Today is a special day! It's Ella Kate's birth day. She was born right before lunch and she is beautiful!! Carlyle and I went up to the hospital right after she was born to meet her and then went back this afternoon to meet Jeremy, Camden and Claire. The girls loved getting to hold her and can't wait until she gets bigger so they can actually play with her. Welcome to the family, Ella Kate! We love you!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

The girls woke up Easter morning to find baskets full of goodies. Camden and Claire love their Barbie mermaids and Carlyle loves her new Minnie Mouse camera!!

Pictures before church

After church we had lunch at Marme' and Pops' house and then all the cousins hunted eggs together! And before we changed clothes we had to get a family picture!

Camden loves Marme's new dog

All the grandkids: Carlyle, Camden, Jax, Selah, Madeline and Claire

Daddy and Selah

After all the girls(including mommy) had a nap, we headed to Nana and Papa's house for dinner and the annual egg scavenger hunt. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the hunt. We were trying to get finished before it started pouring rain. But, I did manage to get one picture of the girls loving on each other!