Friday, August 28, 2009

Arp Tigers Football

Tonight was the first football game for Arp. Camden and Claire were so excited about going to watch the boys play football. We had shirts made for them with the Arp Tigers logo on the front and their name on the back. I also had some matching bows made. They looked SO CUTE!! When we got there and got in our seat, they were in awe of much to take in. When the game finally started, Camden was really into watching it. She liked watching the boys run, throw the ball, kick and tackle. Both girls kept watching the whole game for the tiger mascot. At one point, we were on our way back from the bathroom when we saw the tiger at the fence. Camden wanted to go see it, and then, of course as soon as we get close, she gets scared. She and Claire did wave, but no hugs, no talking to it and no high-fives. Oh well, I guess we have all season to get warmed up to our tiger mascot. They also really enjoyed half-time and danced to the music of both bands. Several times I would look over at Camden and she would be watching the cheerleaders do their cheers as she tried to mock them with her arms. It was really cute. On the way home, she said that she would like to get a cheerleader outfit and cheer with the big girls. Maybe Daddy can pull some strings and let her do that. Overall, the girls and I had a great time and are already anticipating the game next week.

Before heading to the game

Papa and Camden intensely watching

Claire Bear enjoying the excitement

Camden wanted to take the picture of the teams

Mommy, Camden and Claire

Build-a-Bear Trip

Last night, we met Jeremy at Jalapeno Tree to eat dinner. After we ate, I thought we could take the girls to Build-a-Bear to make an animal. They received gift certificates for their birthday and wanted to use them before Carlyle arrived, plus they were having a sale. So, Jeremy agreed to go with us. It took FOREVER to just pick out an animal, but Camden picked a Hello Kitty and Claire chose a sweet little lamb. They helped add the stuffing to their animals, gave them each a bath, and then went to pick out an outfit, which was even more difficult than choosing an animal. Too many choices. Camden finally picked a princess outfit and Claire chose a ballerina one. Daddy helped the girls get their animals dressed, even adding bows and shoes. The girls had fun, but Mommy and Daddy were worn out after that. Thanks Ackers for the gift certificates...the girls LOVED their experience.

Claire adding a heart to her lamb

Camden helping add the stuffing to her Hello Kitty

Giving their animals a bath

Daddy helping dress

Claire with her lamb that she named Ellie

Camden with her Hello Kitty that she named Alli

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Carlyle's Nursery

Well, I decided I had better get some pics of Carlyle's nursery before she arrives. Who knows when that will be. I absolutely LOVE her nusery. When I walk into her room, it makes me so happy. Here are a few pics.

Love these letters above her bed

A black/white collage of maternity pics above the changing table

First Day of School

Today was Camden and Claire's first day of school (or Parents Day Out). Camden started Pre-K today with Mrs. Connie and Mrs. Chaney and Claire was in the 3 year old class with Mrs. Jennifer. Both girls had a great day! Camden came home with a "kindness ticket", which she was so proud of. When I asked her why she got it, she said because she said kind words to her teachers and friends. They also made Gingerbread Men and they ran away, so the class had to go around the church to look for them. She thought that was SO FUN! Despite the fact that she woke up at 4:15am, she seemed to be in a good mood all day. The teachers let her sleep until it was time to go home, which I am thankful for because obviously she needed it! Claire also had a great day. Since her birthday was yesterday, she wanted to take cupcakes to share with her new class. So, I made cupcakes again last night for her class today. I sent a candle and they sang to her. I think both girls are going to have a SUPER year!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Claire Bear!!

I can't believe that Claire is 3 today! These past 3 years have flown by. Above is a picture of Claire, 2 days old. And, then one of Claire and Mommy tonight at Chuck E. Cheese. She decided that's where she wanted to celebrate her birthday!

Our morning started off good, except that Camden woke Claire up at 6:00am because she was excited that it was Claire's sweet! Claire came in and saw balloons and a birthday banner and immediately said, "Thank you Mommy for my birthday!" How could I not get up after that?? So, I took a shower and got ready and got the girls ready. I decided to go ahead and let Claire open her presents before we left. She loved the Aerial purse with all the "stuff" to put inside, like keys, money, credit card and brush/comb. And, she thought her new Aerial shoes and wand were pretty neat.

After opening gifts, we headed out to get some donuts. Not just any old Donut Palace donuts...if we were up that early then Mommy got to choose and we went across town to my favorite, Shipley's. It was well worth the drive. Claire really enjoyed her chocolate sprinkled donut and chocolate milk.

Then we headed off to church, where all the Parents Day Out teachers had a work day. We brought cupcakes for all the kids that were going to be there, and they seemed to really enjoy that. After we left there, I dropped the girls off with my dad so I could go to the doctor. Then, I picked them up and we headed to meet Daddy at Chuck E. Cheese. Jeremy had been at work all day and had to go back to school tonight for Open House, therefore, I knew he would want to sing Happy Birthday to Claire and share in her cake. So, I brought cupcakes with us to dinner, along with candles, a lighter, and Backyardigans plates and napkins. After using all our tokens and trading them in for some really cool stuff, we headed home.

Nana and Papa had a birthday present for Claire, so they came over after we got home. They also had presents from Uncle Jeremy for both girls, since he couldn't make it to their party. Camden and Claire loved their princess bears and they both wanted to read and sing along with Claire's new books. Thanks Nana, Papa and Uncle Jeremy.

More dress up

Yesterday at church, Mrs. Robin brought Claire a birthday present. She must have known how the girls LOVE to dress up now. She got Claire a wand, tiara and a tutu. So cute!! After lunch, the first thing Claire wanted to do was put on her tutu and get her wand. She shared her tiara with Camden, who decided she needed to put on some of dance attire. They are having so much fun with all their new dress-up stuff!

35 weeks

Here's my 35 week picture. I went to the doctor today, just expecting her to measure me and listen to the heartbeat, however, she checked me for Group B Strep and went ahead and checked me to see if I was dilated. She said she felt the baby's head and that I'm a 2. WOW!!! Such a surprise! We discussed induction on the 18th of September, unless Carlyle makes her appearance earlier, which is likely. So, we're just waiting now.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Today is Jeremy's birthday, his 30th birthday! He finally made it to the 30's. He said it wasn't so bad, except that he pulled a muscle in his back today playing golf. That's what happens when you get old, huh?? Just kidding. Anyway, the girls and I stopped by and got some balloons and made one of his favorite desserts, red velvet cake. I pulled out the candles that I had, which wasn't a significant number, but the girls wanted to put them all on the cake. We sang and Camden and Claire blew out the candles. Our afternoon was spent napping, which was a nice change from our busy paced lives. Then, we went over to my parents house for dinner to celebrate again. My mom made chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn, dinner rolls and another one of Jeremy's favorite desserts. Not sure this is the official dessert name, but our family always calls it the "4-layer dessert". It has a homemade crust, chocolate pudding, cream cheese and cool whip. We added more candles and let the girls blow them out. After dessert, Jeremy opened cards and gifts. He had been wanting a new pair of golf shoes, so that's what he got from my parents, me and the girls. Overall, I think 30 wasn't too bad for him. Happy Birthday, Jeremy! We love you!!