Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day at Nana and Papa's

After opening presents at our house, we headed over to Nana and Papa's house to see what Santa delivered there. Santa brought the girls an art easel, complete with chalk, magnetic alphabet letters and markers. WOW!!! They also got TONS of stuff in their stockings...Minnie Mouse and Aerial cups, placemats, plates, candy, toys, etc....!!! Thanks Santa! There was also lots of gifts to open. Uncle Jeremy did great when he got Camden a keyboard and Claire a Barney guitar. They LOVED it! Papa got them each a Plasma car, which they had to go outside and try out! What a blast!!! They got a new sweater and hat, new babies, a bouncy seat for their babies and even a preschool computer that hooks up to Mommy's computer. Camden does AMAZING on it. She is SO smart!! After opening lots of presents and playing with lots of presents, it was time to eat lunch. Then, after Uncle Jeremy and Mommy cleaned up the kitchen, it was time to say good-bye to Uncle Jeremy. He was headed off on vacation, but we'll get to see him again for a few hours in January as he passes back through Tyler to head home to NYC. Thanks Uncle Jeremy, Nana and Papa for a great Christmas!! We all got way too much, but we appreciate it all!!

Santa brought Camden and Claire an easel

Camden likes her new Aerial cup

Claire loves her new baby doll

Claire got a new sweater and hat and she wanted to put it on right away

Camden is so proud of her new piano

Claire giving Nana some love

Claire with her Barney guitar

Camden found her hat, too

Claire getting on her new plasma car

Camden wants to try it out, too

Camden with her new car

Mommy and Camden having a race

Claire's just running off some energy in her sweater and hat

Mommy and Claire taking a ride

Camden's having a great time

Papa helping Claire drive her car

Claire giving Uncle Jeremy some kisses

Uncle Jeremy and his girls

Papa and Claire

More kisses for Uncle Jeremy

Christmas morning

We had such a great Christmas morning. I slept in Camden's room on the floor because I knew she would be up early and I wanted both girls to see what Santa brought at the same time. I thought Camden might try to sneak a peek. She woke up at 5:00am, but I told her it was too early to get up and she went back to sleep until 6:30am. Maybe I should be sleeping in there every night! 6:30 am was like sleeping in for me!! Then we woke Daddy up and woke Claire up! Santa was so good to the girls! He brought them a table and chairs with a new tea set, a bicycle for Camden and a car for Claire. They also got a stuffed Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Claire LOVED the Minnie Mouse!! She carried it around with her all morning! The girls had lots of fun opening their stockings and presents from Mommy and Daddy! What a wonderful Christmas!!

The girls having a tea party

Claire and her Minnie Mouse

Claire driving her car

Camden was excited about her new bike

Claire digging in her stocking

Claire loves to put "lipstick" on

Camden found some chapstick in her stocking, too

Camden got a new movie

Showing off her new Minnie shirt and crocs

Claire wearing her Daisy shirt and new crocs

Christmas Eve night

We were at Marme' and Pops' house for Christmas Eve. We had a great dinner, had a birthay party for Jesus, sang Christmas carols, and had a visit from Santa. It was such a fun night! Neither one of my girls were too excited to see Santa, but they were thankful for their gift that he brought. After Santa's visit, we opened lots and lots of presents!! The girls got SO much stuff!! Clothes, laptop computers, more clothes, chairs, and so much more!!! Thanks Marme' and Pops, Mary and Daniel, Crystal, Jake, Madeline, Rachel, Rex, Jax and David for all of our GREAT stuff!! For more pictures of our Christmas go to

Birthday party for Jesus

Sweet Madeline

Singing Christmas carols

Listening to the Christmas story from the Bible

Jax getting his present from Santa

Aunt Mary, Camden and Santa

Claire's not real excited to see Santa

Gigi and Claire, who is still upset about Santa

Camden opening her laptop computer

Claire loves her new chair

Christmas Cookies

We started out our Christmas Eve at Nana's house. Every year the girls make Christmas cookies with Nana and this year was extra special because Uncle Jeremy was in town to help us!! We had so much fun! He was such a good sport and even wore an apron, just like Camden and Claire. He helped the girls roll out their dough, cut out the cookies and even decorate them. Thanks Uncle Jeremy for making cookies with us!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas # 1

Today we had a very busy day. My brother was supposed to arrive in town last night, but his flight from Houston to Tyler got cancelled. Therefore, he was not due to arrive until 9:30 this morning. Jeremy (my husband) volunteered to pick him up from the airport because my parents were working and I had to take Claire for a check-up with the ear doctor at 10:00. He got in his car to go and realized that it still smelled like skunk...(he hit a skunk on Sat. night and it really stunk up his car). He thought the smell would be gone by now, but it still lingered on. He didn't want to be riding in a smelly car, and knew my brother probably wouldn't appreciate it either, so I had to pick him up. I had to call and rearrange my appt with the doctor so I could head to the airport. Of course, his flight was delayed about 20 minutes. He finally got there, only to find out that the airline had lost his bag. Such a pain!! They said they would notify him when they found it. So, we headed to the doctor and after a long wait, finally got back to see him. Then, on to my parents' house where the girls ate lunch and attempted a nap. Camden slept about 2 hours, which she desperately needed since she woke up at 5:00am!! Claire went back and forth from crying, yelling and playing in the bed. Uncle Jeremy couldn't take it any more and went and got her up. She was really in a pretty good mood until about 8:00 tonight. About 3:00 we headed to my grandmother's house to give her a couple of Christmas presents since we won't see her on Christmas Day. After our visit, we were headed to my aunt and uncle's house for another Christmas exchange, only to have to turn around to go get my brother's bag from the airport. The delivery guy was out of town and they had no one to deliver the bag. This really made my brother mad, but he had to have his bag. After that detour, we arrived at my aunt/uncle's house for a delicious dinner of grilled hamburgers! Yummy! Thanks Uncle Randy for grilling those burgers in 30 degree weather! What a dedicated cook! The girls really enjoyed opening their presents that Deb and Randy picked out. Such a great way to start off our Christmas celebrations! Looking forward to Christmas # 2 Wednesday night!