Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Festival

The Saturday before Halloween we went to a fall festival with all the cousins. They all had such a great time together!!

Baylor Homecoming

We had so much fun at Baylor Homecoming! We loved the parade, loved being able to walk around campus and just loved the spirit of Baylor!!!

Happy Birthday Camden, Claire and Carlyle!

At the end of September, Camden, Claire and Carlyle had a combined birthday party at Discovery Science Place. They had a great time and it was such an easy party! What a great day!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New nephew!!

My second nephew was born September 8. Benjamin Andrew is definitely a keeper!!

August 2013

So, I'm skipping right over the summer and posting about the end of August. We had a busy, fun summer that was filled with lots of swimming and lots of family time. I found out just a few days before teachers have to report back to school that I would be teaching 1st grade. It wasn't exactly the plan that I had, but everything fell into place, therefore, Jeremy and I know that it was God's plan for our family. One of our biggest concerns was what we were going to do with Carlyle. My mom decided that she would retire and keep Carlyle, which is SUCH a HUGE BLESSING!!! I love that Carlyle is being loved and cared for by her grandmother! And, I think my mom is really enjoying this special time with Carlyle!! Right before school started, Claire had a birthday and turned 7!! The one thing she asked for was a Duck Dynasty shirt:)
Then we started school. Here are pics of Camden's first day of 3rd grade, Claire's first day of 2nd grade and my first day as a 1st grade teacher!
The next day was Carlyle's first day back to Mother's Day Out! She is so sassy!!

Field Day and End of Yr party 2013

So I know I've been absent from the blog for a while. It's been pretty busy around here. First, I wanted to try and catch up on pics from the end of the school year in May. Here are pics from Camden and Claire's field day at school.
And here are pics from their end of the year party.