Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Classroom Celebration

Saturday is Camden's official birthday and Friday the kids are out of school. And since I work on Thursdays at PDO then today was the day that we took cupcakes to her class to celebrate her upcoming birthday! She was so excited all morning and kept asking when I was going to come to her school. Even Claire couldn't wait to go to Camden's class and eat cupcakes with the big Kindergarteners. Jeremy met us at her school and when we walked into the classroom, Camden's face lit up. That made it all worthwhile! Mrs. Aubuchon led the class in singing Happy Birthday to Camden and then proceeded to give her 6 birthday hugs and a birthday tickle to grown on. So cute!! Thank you Mrs. Aubuchon for letting us celebrate Camden's birthday with her friends!

Fun at the fair!

We took the girls to the fair and they had the absolute best time! Camden and Claire rode and rode and rode rides!! There was one kiddie roller coaster that we kind of had to talk them into going on but once they were on it, they loved it! It was their favorite and they rode it at least 5 times in a row! I loved seeing the joy and excitement on their faces! Carlyle even got to ride the carousel with Daddy. She wasn't so sure about it, but at least made it through without tears. Camden and Claire love the ferris wheel, so we hopped on and sailed to the top. They had a blast looking down at all the rides and people. What a fun evening. Can't wait til next year!

I wanna play too!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Carlyle's Ice Cream Bash

Saturday Carlyle turned 1 year old. We (my sister-in-law and I) had been planning her party for some time now. I thought the day would never get here (I definitely wasn't rushing Carlyle turning one, just wanted to have fun at the party). After finding some really cute matching outfits for all 3 girls, I decided on an Ice Cream Party Theme! Jeremy and his brother were really excited because they LOVE ice cream. Back in July, I asked my sister-in-law, Crystal, if she would want to help me in organizing the party. We were trying to sell our house, pack boxes and get Camden prepared for Kindergarten. I knew I really didn't need anything else on my plate, so she gladly took over. Since that day, I felt no stress or worry about the party. Every detail was taken care of and the party couldn't have been better! I LOVED how everything turned out, epecially all the little details that made it so special! A big thank you to Crystal for all your hard work! What a special birthday for Carlyle! This is one birthday that I will always remember! I hired a photographer for the party, which was one of the best things I could have done. I actually got to enjoy the party while she captured the memories. Jessica Kennedy ( amazing and got some great shots of the party decor, birthday girl and all the guests. I am so grateful that our friends and family could join us on such a special day! Every single person in attendance has been a part of Carlyle's first year of life. Thank you for helping us celebrate such a great first year!!

Jessica took over 200 pictures of the party. I won't bore you with all of them, but I am going to show you quite a few! Get ready for picture overload!! To check out ALL of the party pics, go to

The oh-so-good birthday cake

Carlyle's smash cake

Cute ice cream cone decor

Party favors (surprise, there's an Andy's gift card inside)

Oh me, oh my...these gifts are just too much!

Carlyle did NOT like her hat!!

All 4 babies from PDO...Callen, Carlyle, Garrett and Leighton


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Birthday Girl

This morning we all got ready for school. It was a special day for Carlyle. She got all dressed in her Birthday Girl onesie and tutu and brought a special treat for her friends in her class to help celebrate her upcoming birthday. I can't believe this little munchkin is going to be one on Saturday! This past year has been so much FUN!

I made these number one cookies for her classmates and teachers. After lunch we all celebrated my baby girl's birthday with yummy treats! All the kids LOVED their cookie!!

After Daddy got home, we decided to give Carlyle her presents from us. Tomorrow Jeremy is going to the football game and Saturday is going to be crazy and chaotic with her party. So, let the fun begin with tissue paper, bags and of course, the gifts!

Carlyle got a chair, just like her big sisters! She thinks she is so big!!