Friday, December 25, 2009

Family Fun

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have been so busy the last few years that it's just hard to see everyone on those days, especially when you have little kids. We want to be home for the girls to play with their toys, so making all the rounds gets very difficult and tiring. So the last few years we've been doing Christmas early with my aunt and uncle and my grandmother. Tuesday we went over to my grandmother's house and that night we got together with my aunt and uncle. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time with each one.

The first two pics are of Carlyle all dressed for church on Sunday. I thought they were too cute not to post.

Aunt Deb and Uncle Randy got Camden and Claire magnetic paper dolls. The girls thought these were so much fun!

Aunt Deb and Carlyle

Uncle Randy, Camden, Carlyle, Aunt Deb and Claire

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