Monday, March 18, 2013

Azalea Trail 2013

Yesterday was a beautiful day and the weather was PERFECT to be outside. I love spring and all the pretty flowers. So, we got the girls in their Easter dresses and headed out to the Azalea Trail in hopes of some good pictures. The girls did good, despite the whines, cries and complaints. I'm pretty happy with the pictures I got. So, here's a few pics for you to enjoy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy 35th to me!

This year on my birthday I turned 35 and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed each one of my 6 celebrations that lasted a week and a half!! I didn't get any pictures of my outings with friends, but did get a few from our family parties. The Sunday before my birthday we were at the Chileks' house. My mother-in-law made Swiss Steak, which was so delicious!! And, she had a Janie's Cake for me. YUM!!!
The Saturday after my birthday my parents joined us at Chuy's and then we went back to their house for cake...Black and White cake from Village Bakery! The girls had decorated the house with birthday signs and had picked out birthday plates and hats! They were so excited about making me feel so special!!

Overall, I had a great birthday and appreciate everyone that made me feel so special!!