Sunday, November 25, 2012

2nd grade Poetry Feast

On Friday, November 16 the 2nd grade classes had a poetry feast in their classrooms. Each child memorized a Thanksgiving poem and recited it in front of parents and their peers. Camden's poem she memorized was "The Middle of November" by Jack Prelutsky. She did such a great job and recited it with expression. I didn't get any pictures of her as she was saying her poem, but I did manage to video it. I posted the video at the bottom of the page.

Baylor Homecoming 2012

Saturday, November 3 we headed down to Waco for Baylor Homecoming. We left way too early, but were excited once we arrived. Our first stop was Shipley's Donuts and then on to campus to watch the parade. We got our seats and then went to shop in the Bookstore. After we made our purchases we rushed back out to catch the beginning of the parade. The girls loved it, especially when they started getting candy.
After lunch at Ninfas, we went back to campus to visit the bears and get a few more pictures.
We even managed to get a picture with RG3:)
I always love being back at Baylor. I have so many great memories and I love that I am making even more with my family!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween night all the cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles came over for dinner and trick-or-treating. All the kids were so excited to fill their bags with candy. All the costumes were so cute! We had a little pig, a clown, a nurse, Captain America, a pumpkin, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.
We had so much fun watching all the kids run from house to house collecting candy. I love that we live so close to our families and that we get to spend the holidays with them.
We had so much fun with our family and look forward to next Halloween! We are already thinking about the kids' costumes for next year!!

PDO Costume Parade

Tuesday was PDO's annual costume parade. Carlyle was super excited to wear her pig costume to school. And she couldn't wait to see her friends all dressed up. Her two friends, Callen and Leighton, dressed up as a clown and Cinderella.
Carlyle's class getting ready for the parade.
All the babies dressed up and ready for the parade.
Since Carlyle and her two friends were born in 2009, we have been doing our annual Halloween picture every year. It's become a tradition and I love looking back to the pictures when they were so little. So, here's all the pics of the 3 Musketeers, starting in 2009 and ending this year.