Saturday, May 30, 2009

Party time for Madeline

Today we went to Madeline's 1st Birthday party. Camden and Claire had so much fun!! There were sprinklers and pools to play in outside. Then, Madeline opened her presents and we ate some birthday cake. The best part was watching Madeline taste her cake and get it all over her. She thoroughly enjoyed every bite! Aunt Crystal did a great job decorating. It was all so cute...she even made each guest their very own placemat. Thanks for inviting us to share in Madeline's very special day! We had a blast!! Happy Birthday Madeline!
For lots more pictures of the party, check out: and click on the May icon

Claire enjoying the water

Camden getting ready to slide in the pool

Madeline opening her presents

Enjoying some cake

Madeline's party guests

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for the Spring semester. Both the girls had ice cream parties in their class. What a treat! They really enjoyed their parties and their friends!

Camden and Claire ready to head to school for their last day

Claire and Mrs. Renee

Claire getting ready to enjoy some yummy ice cream with sprinkles.

Camden and Mrs. Laura

Camden and her friend, Lucas, enjoying their party

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Theme Days were a BUST

First of all, I just want to share that this is my 100th post! WOW!! I can't believe that I have actually blogged about 100 things. Now, on to the actual reason for this post. Seeing how it is almost June and I have only had 2 theme days, I have decided that I need to give up on the idea. I really had good intentions and thought it would be so fun, however, never realized just how busy our lives really are. And, now that I'm trying to prepare for baby #3, it seems that I never have any extra time...and when I do, I usually am worn out and have no energy. Therefore, I know this may disappoint many of you (ha ha), but I have decided to put the idea of "theme days" aside. Right now, they just don't fit into our busy schedule. But, hopefully, one day they will. The girls (and me) really did enjoy the 2 days that we did have. Snowman day was a blast (Cam and Claire still remember throwing cotton balls and pretending they were snowballs) and we all had fun planting flowers for our Flower day. Maybe when things settle down (not sure when that will be) we can give theme days another try. Until then, we will stay busy this summer with our weekend trip to San Antonio next weekend, swim lessons, Vacation Bible School, preparing the nursery, planning the girls' birthday party, anticipating the arrival of baby Carlyle and much, much more! Have a great summer!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

We had lots of fun today with the family. We started off this morning with the slip n' slide. The girls were SO EXCITED that we were going to get it out. Camden was loving it! Claire couldn't figure out how to run and slide so Jeremy ended up just throwing her down the slide part. She thought that was great! They also enjoyed some swim time in the pool. After some fun in the water, Jeremy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and we had a yummy lunch! Then, more water fun!

After a nap, the girls and I headed to get a sno cone. We enjoyed every bite!! When we got back home, the girls put on dry swimsuits and headed back outside. This time we hooked up the sprinkler and put "clean" water in the pool (they don't like it when grass gets all in it). Then, time for a picnic outside. Once the girls were in bed, Jeremy and I had a tasty Braum's ice cream treat and watched a movie. What a fun way to end such a great day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm going to be a mommy.

That's what Camden said as she put on Nana's sandals and threw my purse over her shoulder. What an imagination!!

Claire and her TV show

Claire LOVES to watch the PBS cartoon called "Caillou". It only comes on during the week at 12:30pm, therefore, we only get to watch it on MWF since we are at school on T/Th. Anyway, my parents have their TIVO to record every episode each day, so they have an abundance to choose from when we come over. That's the first thing Claire wants to do when we head over there..."I want to watch Caillou". And, when she is watching her show, she is "in a zone". I can say her name 3 or 4 times and it doesn't register. She is focused on Caillou. I guess it could be worse. For now, I'll let Claire watch her Caillou episodes and get into her zone. Here she is at Nana's house watching her show.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Plan B

I thought we were on a roll with the whole sleeping arrangements, however, last night was a bust. After an hour of the girls getting up, playing, fighting, etc..., I ended up moving Claire to the other room to sleep and they were both out in less than 5 minutes. I was getting frustrated and decided that maybe they needed separate beds. Being so close to each other in the same bed sure makes it tempting to hit, touch, tickle and just bother each other. I knew neither one were ready for the top bunk and I didn't want for Claire to get used to sleeping in the other room because we are getting ready to empty out that room in order to paint. So, I asked my parents to bring over a toddler bed that they had at their house. In exchange, I gave them the twin bed that was in Claire's old room. We set up the toddler bed in the girls' room in hopes that Claire would sleep in it better than she had been with Camden. We'll see how tonight goes. This is definitely only a temporary arrangement until Camden feels confident enough to sleep on top (or Claire for that matter). Here's hoping for a good night!!!

Camden in her bed ALONE

Claire in the toddler bed

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Choir Performance

Tonight Camden's choir had their last performance of the year. They sang three songs in big church before the school-age kids came in to sing. She did so good!

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks today!

Dollar Store Decisions

Since attempting to have the girls sleep together in the same bed and room for the last couple of weeks, there have been some difficult nights and some rather easy ones. So, after a few days of them getting up out of bed, fighting, playing hide and seek, screaming, pinching, hitting, kicking and Jeremy or me having to go in and settle them down, I decided to do a reward chart. Each night they go to sleep in their bed together, go to sleep rather easy, and sleep all night, they get a star sticker. It's on a weekly basis, so at the end of the week we count how many stars they got and see if they got enough for a treat or surprise. Here's the reward chart:
3 stars-get to do bubbles
4 stars-get to play with play-doh (which is not one of my favorite activities)
5 stars-get to cut with scissors (Camden LOVES to cut and I never let her do it b/c she cuts the tiniest pieces up and they get everywhere)
6 stars-Mommy will get them a surprise
7 stars-a trip to the Dollar Store and they get to pick one thing

Well, the first week didn't go so good. They only got 2 stars, which left them with no treat. But, week 2 they did awesome. I'm not saying they didn't get out of their bed or they didn't hit/kick/fight, etc... And, they did get several swats on the bottom, but they did earn 7 star stickers for the week. So, after church today we went to the Dollar Store and they were in heaven. Claire found a bear, which she thought she wanted, until she found the babies. Then her mind was made up. Camden, on the other hand, took FOREVER to pick. She was so indecisive about her treat. She would find one thing and carry it around and then put it back and pick up something else. I finally had to give her a time limit. She, too, picked a baby doll. They were so thrilled to be able to pick out their own prize!! Way to go Camden and Claire for sleeping good ALL WEEK!!! Let's try for another great week!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Friday

This morning we met Aunt Rachel, Jaxson, Aunt Crystal and Madeline at the Spray Park. The kids had so much fun playing in the water. After we left, I took the girls to McDonald's for a Happy Meal (such a healthy lunch) and to play. On our way home, we decided to stop at Andy's for some yummy frozen custard. The girls and I had a great fun Friday!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Fun

I had a great Mother's Day weekend. Yesterday we took Nana's gifts over to her and she loved her new bird feeder and the picture frame that the girls and I made for her. Camden and Claire had a great time helping Papa hang the new feeder from a tree in their backyard. This morning started off great. Jeremy and the girls took me to breakfast and then we came home and I opened my presents. The girls got me an intial flag and a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works. Then we went to church with Nana and Papa. After that, we went to lunch and then headed over to Marme's house to celebrate with her and Pops. Marme' also liked her frame and loved her new apron. Camden and Claire had lots of fun playing outside with Marme' and Gigi and enjoying the pretty weather. What a great Mother's Day...and just think that next year I'll be a mother to three sweet little girls!! I can't wait.