Monday, December 28, 2009

My animal print baby

Here's a few adorable pictures of Carlyle in her new pj's she got for Christmas from Marme' and Pops. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever??

Carlyle really likes her new toy that lights up and plays lullabies. It's kind of like a glow worm. The music just soothes her right to sleep.

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Meg said...

carlyle is absolutely beautiful. i am a sucker for animal print!! just wanted to say i SO feel you on the sadness of packing up baby clothes :(. i HATE it!! when we found out the twins were boys i washed, ironed and took a TON of sophie's clothes to consignment. i cried over them as i ironed and then as i handed them over to the lady...had visions of my baby girl wearing them :(. i will say when i got my big check for them i was over the sadness and happy to have the money :)!! i feel ya, mama!! XOXO