Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saturday fun

Saturday we went to Madeline's 3rd birthday party. The girls had so much fun swimming and playing in the water! They had a huge water slide which entertained Camden and Claire the entire time!! Crystal did a great job decorating and made everything look so cute! Happy 3rd birthday Madeline!!

When we got home, Jeremy and my dad got busy landscaping the backyard. Since the swingset was finished, Jeremy wanted to put some landscape timbers around it and fill it with mulch. He also planted some azaleas in the flowerbed that is behind the swingset. The backyard looks amazing!! Thanks to Jeremy and my dad for spending the entire afternoon/evening working so hard! Here's a before and after picture.

Best Buds

Carlyle and her three little friends from school. Poor Garrett is the only boy, but I'm don't think he minds too much. We are sad that Garrett and his family are moving this summer. We will miss you Garrett!!

Carlyle, Garrett, Callen and Leighton with their suckers (the only way we could get them to sit still long enough for a picture)

Friday, May 27, 2011

End-of-year party and last day of Kindergarten

Today was Camden's last day of Kindergarten and her class' end-of-the-year party. We decided to have ice cream sundaes, which all the kids loved!! Camden has had a great year and has learned so much more than I ever could have imagined. We all love her teacher, Mrs. Aubuchon, and are going to miss her so much! I am so proud of how hard Camden worked this year. She has learned so many new things, is writing so much better and is doing so well in her reading. She loves to read and I am hoping that her desire to read never goes away. Camden Lynn Chilek....we are so proud of you for completing your first year of school, and doing it with flying colors!! You are officially a big first grader!!

Camden and her friend, Kayley.
Braden, Camden and Kayley
Mrs. Aubuchon giving Camden her "diploma"
Camden and Reeci
Mrs. Aubuchon and Camden
Braden and Camden
My big first grader!

And just for fun

First swim

Wednesday evening we got out our new pool, blew it up and the girls enjoyed their first swim of the season! They had a blast! We are so ready for summer!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A new swingset

A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy, his dad, Rex, Jake and my dad started building the main unit on a swingset. They all got together again this morning to finish it up. Camden and Claire were so excited as they watched the progress all morning. It looks amazing and I know we all are going to enjoy it so much!! A big thanks to my hubby for giving up golf several weekends in a row to work on this project. And, without Jeremy's dad, Rex, Jake and my dad, it probably still wouldn't be done.

The swingset is so much better than the one we bought a few years ago at Toys 'R Us. There's two regular swings, a baby swing, a disc swing, slide, ladder at the back and rockwall on the side. It even has a steering wheel and a communications center with a phone at the top of the fort and one underneath the fort for the girls to talk back and forth. The cool part is that it really works!! The girls played outside all afternoon on this swingset and had so much fun. I'm so excited about the hours of entertainment that it's going to provide!!

Western Day

Friday was Western Day at Camden's school. The Lindale Rodeo was going on so all the kids dressed in their best western attire and walked over to the Rodeo Arena to watch a little show. Our family isn't western, therefore, we don't own any western clothing. We don't even have cowboy boots. So, I wasn't sure what we were going to use to dress Camden in and I really didn't want to go buy anything. Up until Thursday night she said she didn't want to dress up. But, at bedtime when we were picking out her clothes she changed her mind. I remembered that our friend, Mrs. Robin, had given the girls some pink cowboy boots for their dress-up trunk. We pulled them out and tried them on. Camden looked so cute in them, even if they were a tad too big. After searching her closet, this is the best that we could do. Camden even found a bandana in her dress-up clothes that we put in her hair. I thought we did very well with the outfit. My little cowgirl was adorable and had a great time at Western Day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Claire's Pre-K Graduation

Today was a big day for Claire. She graduated from Pre-K!! She was so excited this morning when she woke up and didn't fight me to get dressed or eat breakfast, which is very unusual for her. After getting dressed, we had to get some pictures of the big graduate and her sisters. Camden was excited because she was going to get to "skip" school and go to Claire's graduation. I know she missed her friends at school, but she was so anxious to cheer on her sister at graduation. All day she seemed so happy for Claire and I'm glad that I allowed her to be a part of this special day.

All the graduates were so cute in their cap and gowns. After the pledge and prayer, they sang a couple of songs that they sing in chapel. Then Mrs. Robin called each child up on stage, said a few words about them and then handed out their diplomas. Claire was all smiles during the ceremony and even during all the pictures we took after it was over. She was so happy that Nana, Papa and Marme' came to help celebrate her big milestone! A big thank you to Mrs. Chaney (Claire's teacher) for her dedication and hard work this past year as she prepared her class for "big school". Claire has come a long way from her first day of Pre-K and I feel confident that she will be so successful in Kindergarten! Mrs. Chaney, we love you and will miss you!!

Claire lined up with her class.

Walking in

Singing songs

Claire is all smiles

Mrs. Robin saying a few words about Claire

Claire with her diploma

Mrs. Robin asked Camden to be her helper

All the Pre-K graduates

Our family with Marme'

Mrs. Chaney and Claire

Mrs. Chaney with Camden and Claire

Mrs. Robin and Claire

Our family with Nana and Papa

Our family