Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Parties!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Today all 3 girls had Valentiine's parties and I am so happy that I could be at all of them. We started off with Carlyle's class party. Pizza and cupcakes!! Yummy!

Carlyle enjoyed her cupcake

Sweet and happy Moses

Mommy and Carlyle

Then it was off to Camden and Claire's parties!! First up was Claire's ice cream sundae party. Carlyle sweet talked her way into getting some ice cream, too.

Claire enjoyed her sundae!!

Camden's class had a great party with Cherry 7-up floats and cookies. She was excited about opening her Valentines.
Claire with her Valentine's box.

Mrs. Hinna and Camden

Mrs. Cantrell and Claire

What a great day full of friendship, love and SUGAR!! Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Carlyle's toddler bed

We finally took the rail off of Carlyle's crib to convert it to a toddler bed. Even though she turned 3 in September, I think she still would have been content sleeping in a crib. But, since she is pretty much potty trained, I decided that it might be easier for her to be able to get up on her own to go potty. However, I'm rethinking that decision when she comes to get in bed with us between 3am-4am about 4-5 mornings a week. Although she does usually go back to sleep fairly easily, I feel like I have a leech attached to me, therefore I don't sleep very well. I do enjoy cuddling with her, but sure wish 3am wasn't the time she chose to do that. Oh well, I guess I should just enjoy this phase because she's growing up way too fast!!

Fun with cousins!!

The weekend after New Years, my cousin from Arkansas and two of her kids drove down for a quick visit. We enjoyed hanging out with them so much and my girls had a blast with her girls! The last night they were here, all the girls had a big slumber party at my parents' house. Thanks to my parents for being such good sports. What fun memories!!! We loved spending time with Stephanie, Emma Grace and Mallory!! We hope to see you again very soon!!!
Carlyle and Mallory
Emma Grace and Claire

Me, my mom and my cousin, Stephanie

Claire, Mallory and Carlyle