Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shots, shots and more shots

Today Camden had an doctors appointment for her 4 year old well check-up. I had been preparing her for about a week that she was going to get shots this time. I didn't tell her how many, though. She did very well with the exam. She stood on the scale with no problem, the nurse checked her height (last time she screamed because they lowered a level on her head), she took her blood pressure and listened to her heart. She did perfect, although she was a little leary about some of it. As long as I was there to hold her hand she was ok. Then came the shots...I had actually asked the nurse if we could get flu shots, too. She had warned me that Camden would get 3 shots today, so the flu shot added one more. We did Claire's flu shot first. They poked her and about 2 seconds after is when Claire started crying. A little delayed reaction. Then came Camden's turn for 4 shots...luckily 2 nurses came in and each did 2 shots in each arm at the same time. She did cry, but was a real trooper. The pictures show the girls with their band-aids. Poor babies!

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Marlo said...

Oh my gosh...we went through the exact same thing the very next day with the 4 shots...It's almost cruel to give a 4 year old that many, but Emily did really good too. Dr. Barret's nurses are so great with the whole tag-team thing they do...I know I was impressed! Oh by the way, I found your blog link on Meredith Williams' blog...I'll email you the link to the babysite that I update for the girls. Hope y'all are doing good!

Marlo Bitter