Monday, November 3, 2008

My Adventurous Culinary Effort

(Please, don't judge the meal by the way it looks in this picture!) I've never really been one who enjoys to cook. Therefore, I choose very simple meals, such as spaghetti, Stouffer's lasagna, and things that can be cooked in a crock pot or on the grill. Less time, less mess and less clean-up. But, Jeremy made a special request for chicken fried steak, which is a very delicious meal, just one that I don't enjoy preparing. In fact, I think I have only made it one other time since we've been married and that was about 2 or 3 years ago. So, I decided tonight would be the night for his request. Boy am I glad that we didn't have to be anywhere after dinner because I can guarantee we would have been late. This was the MESSIEST meal that I have ever made. There was flour, grease and gravy everywhere, including on my toes. Yes, I dropped the whisk which had gravy on it and it splattered all over the cabinets, floor and on my pants and feet. Such a MESS!!!! And, it took FOREVER. I started off cooking the meat and got it golden brown on both sides. It looked PERFECT!! I took it out and cut into it just to make sure it was done, only to find HOT PINK! YUCK! So, back in the pan it went and it took such a long time to get it done. After smoke going everywhere because I was burning the crust, I decided to turn down the burner to get the inside cooked. I vowed right then to never make this meal again within the next 2 years. No wonder it's been that long since I had made it. I'd forgotten all the work that went into it. I haven't even gotten to the clean up part. It took at least another 30 minutes to clean up. Ridiculous. By the time I got the meat done, the fries and rolls were cold. Oh well, Jeremy went back for seconds so I guess it wasn't too bad. I think we all know not to expect any gourmet meals from this chef:)

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