Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scrambled eggs, anyone?

Claire has disovered that she can now open the refrigerator. And she LOVES it. She will get everything out if I'm not watching. This morning I was getting ready and Camden came in and said that Claire had made a mess. This comment never surprises me...I just always wonder what the mess will consist of, whether it's toothpaste, water, cereal and milk, toys, etc... Never in my wildest imagination did I expect to find a broken egg on the floor. When Claire saw me she said, "Mama, I made mess. Egg mess." It was really cute that I couldn't even be mad. However, I think maybe I should have scolded her because when I was cooking dinner tonight, everytime I turned around, Claire was in the fridge. She must just think it's a game. I never had this problem with Camden. I think I might just have to resort to buying one of those fridge locks. I really hate to because I'll probably be the one that can't figure out how to unlock it. Oh well, until then I guess we'll just hope that Claire doesn't decide to pull out the jug of milk next. Now that would be a MESS!

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