Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas fever

Well, last night I couldn't wait any longer. I got all the Christmas decorations out and started decorating. Jeremy was thrilled--ha ha! But, he did help put the tree up and helped the girls hang ornaments. They had lots of fun and it got us in the Christmas spirit. Tonight we watched videos of last year's Christmas and the year before that. It's amazing how much the girls have grown. Camden is so mature, is lots taller and talks so much clearer compared to last year. Anyway, that was fun and Camden and Claire loved watching themselves on TV. Except, Claire kept pointing to the baby (herself) and saying "baby". She didn't realize it was her. Now I guess I can start wrapping presents. I'm just afraid that when I'm not around, Camden will talk Claire into opening the presents. Maybe I should wait until a little closer to Christmas. We also went to see Santa at the mall. I's not even Thanksgiving yet. But, the girls were in a good mood and I wanted to take advantage of that while I had it. And, there wasn't a line, which was great! The girls were excited about seeing Santa until we approached. Then their attitudes changed. Camden kept saying, "I'm not going to cry". I bribed her...if you sit on his lap and take a picture, I'll give you a piece of gum. IT WORKED! First year that she hasn't cried. Although, Claire is a different story. I had to pull her arms off of me to sit her in his lap. I'm very surprised that she didn't try to get down, though. But, she cried and cried. Camden did try to console her, but it didn't work. Oh well...I'm used to all the crying pictures and I just take them anyway. They'll enjoy looking back at these pics in years to come.

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