Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter morning started off early. All three girls were up (on their own) by 6:15am or so. WHAT??? Oh well...I guess it's better that we didn't have to wake them up. They were so excited about seeing what the Easter Bunny brought. They had the best time digging through their baskets. Camden and Claire were very sweet to help Carlyle with hers.

Before heading to church, I tried to get some pics of all 3 girls in their pretty purple dresses. After many attempts, I finally got a couple of good ones.

After church we went to my parents for lunch. A few years ago my parents started doing a scavenger hunt with the girls instead of an egg hunt. Camden and Claire look forward to that every year.

Family picture

Let the scavenger hunt begin.

They found a clue and a treat in the tree (play doh)

The next clue was in the mailbox.

They found a clue in Papa's garden.

Carlyle got a treat.

Camden did so good reading all the clues.

At the last stop, they found their prizes! BIG WATER GUNS!!

Sweet Carlyle!

Trying out the water guns.

Checking out their Easter baskets at Marme' and Pops' house.

Easter egg hunt!

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