Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Egg Fun

Dying Easter eggs has become a fun tradition for our family every year. I'm not going to lie...the mess makes me a little crazy. I like it to be VERY controlled and neat, but let's face it...with 3 kids the word "neat" doesn't exist. The past few years, it hasn't bothered me too much because we had an old table that was scratched, dented and dinged up and was stained from things like markers, watercolors, and pens. So, I didn't really care if they got the egg dye on the table. I just thought all the stains gave the table "character". But, since we got a new table when we moved, I was all about protecting it from stains. So, I covered the table with newspaper in hopes that the girls would contain the dripped dye to the paper. And, I'm glad to report that it worked perfectly!!

What a fun tradition for the girls!! Even Carlyle was able to enjoy it this year. She loved dunking the eggs in the dye. Unfortunately, she got a little carried away and dropped an egg on the floor. Oh well, at least they were hard boiled:)

Our finished products...minus one.

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