Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday morning the girls woke up and were so excited about their Valentine goodies. I wanted to make a special Valentine's breakfast with heart shaped pancakes, but since Valentine's was on Sunday and since we attend early church at 8:30, I figured that was out this year. So, the girls settled for frozen waffles...I know, real healthy. On to the fun part...the girls LOVED all their goodies. Camden and Claire each got a new movie, some Tinkerbell socks (thanks to the Dollar aisle in Target), a new watch and a few other trinkets. Camden was excited about her watch until we took it out of the package and she started crying. She said she didn't want a watch and didn't want to wear it. WHAT?? Claire, on the other hand, was thrilled with her watch and would have worn it to chuch if it had worked. We had to stop by Target after church to exchange it. They didn't have another Tinkerbell watch so I settled for a Hello Kitty watch, which is the same one I got Camden. When Camden found out that Claire got the same one she had at home, she said that now she was happy and she could wear her watch. She was delighted that they matched. Ugh!!! Sometimes my sweet Camden is so DIFFICULT!! Back to Valentine's morning...Carlyle got some goodies, too. It's a little more difficult to buy Valentine's goodies for a 4 month old when everything out there for this holiday is CANDY! But, she did get a couple of rattles, a new bib, a teething toy and a hardback copy of "Guess How Much I Love You". After helping Carlyle open her gift bag, Camden and Claire headed to help their Daddy. Jeremy loved his new golf balls and Titleist hat.

We had a very relaxing afternoon when we got home from church. Then, thanks to our wonderful babysitter, Mallorie, we got to go out on a Valentine's dinner date. We had reservations at Jake's so I insisted we dress up a bit, which made it even more fun! The food was incredible!! I have to say thanks to my hubby for treating me to such a wonderful evening! I love you!!

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