Friday, December 19, 2008

Problems at the workplace

It's ony 9:20 or so in the morning and I'm already about to pull my hair out. The girls spent the night with my parents last night so that Jeremy and I could go to his work Christmas party. So, I got up this morning and arrived at my parents' house by 7:30 so they could go on to work. I was going to work today for my dad anyway, so the girls and I just stayed. I've been trying to work since about 8:00 and I just keep getting interrupted. Besides the girls fighting, trying to open Christmas presents and sneak snacks, they have been very mischevious, too. I found Claire with my mom's deodorant. She had rubbed it on her clothes, as well as on the floor. There were white streaks everywhere, along with white crumbs all over the place. So, I cleaned that mess up and got back to work. The next big incident was with lotion. I found them in the bathroom with not one, but two bottles of lotion opened. Claire had it from head to toe and Camden wasn't much better. Both had it in their hair, which was really fun trying to get it out. And, then I look down and there was a huge clump on the floor. Another nice mess to clean up. Since so much has already happened this morning, I'm just wondering what the rest of the day holds. If the excitement continues, I might be adding more to the post before the end of the day!
Well...I'm adding to my post already and it's just 12:15. I had had about enough of the girls bickering back and forth and getting into stuff that they weren't supposed to be in, so I decided food might do the trick. I fixed their lunch at 10:30...that's right, my girls had brunch today. I thought it was safe to leave them at the table eating their turkey, cheese, strawberries and cheetos. So, I went back to working. However, after about 10 minutes I continued hearing Claire yelling for me and saying "no, Camden". So, I finally decided to go check on them and found Camden throwing little pieces of cheese at Claire. That was the final straw. I told Camden to go potty and then I put her to bed at 10:45 for a nap. It took her a while to fall asleep, but she finally did. Such peace and quiet to only have one child awake. Anyway, I decided to put Claire down for a nap, as well. My mom is babysitting the girls and Madeline today so that we can all go to Jeremy's brother's graduation. They will be here at 2:00, so I decided they could nap before Madeline arrived. She went to sleep fairly quickly. I went in to check on her because I thought she might be cold due to the fact that all she had on was a t-shirt and a diaper. When I went in, the fan closed the door and made a sound and, you guessed it, she woke up. So, I had to get her up. And, now as I'm writing this Camden has woken up and is in a rotten mood. Is this day ever going to end??????? At least I get a break at 2:00!!!! YEAH!

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