Monday, December 1, 2008

More tubes

Well, we just got back from the Ear/Nose/Throat doctor who looked at Claire's ears to see if they have improved since her last visit. And, they haven't. There is still lots of junk in her right ear and he said her left ear is red, which could turn into an infection. Therefore, we are scheduled next Tuesday for Claire to get another set of tubes, along with having her adenoids taken out. I was really hoping things would be fine and we wouldn't have to do any more surgeries. This surgery will only be about 10 minutes longer than the surgery for tubes, but they have to put a tube down her throat. She will be asleep, but still..that's scary! Please just pray that things will go smoothly and that Claire will recover very quickly. We all want her to feel her best for Christmas!!


Marlo said...

We had to do the exact same thing with Emily. It was SO quick and Emily was great the next day! The only difference the second time was the intubation (which left her a little hoarse and thirsty) and the IV in her arm. They put the IV in while she was asleep so it didn't hurt her, but she was really mad and trying to tear it out in the recovery room. Once they took that out, she was fine...just a little grumpy. And the best thing is, it all worked great! I think she only got 1 ear infection after that and it went away with 1 round of antibiotics. Is Dr. Fulmer doing hers?

Jennifer said...

yes, dr fulmer has been our doctor since camden. he's really great!