Saturday, May 21, 2011

Western Day

Friday was Western Day at Camden's school. The Lindale Rodeo was going on so all the kids dressed in their best western attire and walked over to the Rodeo Arena to watch a little show. Our family isn't western, therefore, we don't own any western clothing. We don't even have cowboy boots. So, I wasn't sure what we were going to use to dress Camden in and I really didn't want to go buy anything. Up until Thursday night she said she didn't want to dress up. But, at bedtime when we were picking out her clothes she changed her mind. I remembered that our friend, Mrs. Robin, had given the girls some pink cowboy boots for their dress-up trunk. We pulled them out and tried them on. Camden looked so cute in them, even if they were a tad too big. After searching her closet, this is the best that we could do. Camden even found a bandana in her dress-up clothes that we put in her hair. I thought we did very well with the outfit. My little cowgirl was adorable and had a great time at Western Day!

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Leslie said...

SOOO cute...she looks precious!! Cullen wore a pearl snap shirt...that is the extent of our western as well! :)