Friday, January 16, 2009

Trip to the library

The other day, a friend of mine went to the library with her little girl, and I thought that was something I should be doing with Camden. So, it inspired me and I asked Camden if she would like to go to the library. Of course, Claire would have to tag along, too. Camden was SO excited. She remembered an episode of Caillou(one of her favorite tv shows)where he goes to the library and gets to read books, listen to storytime and even check out books. So every day she and Claire have been asking if today was the day we were going to the library. Well, this morning I was happy to answer YES!!! We arrived at the library, right as they were opening the door. We went straight in and went to the desk to inquire about getting a library card. The lady said that even Camden and Claire could get a card. Camden's eyes lit up! She was so excited to be getting her OWN card. Claire really could have cared less, which is pretty much the exact same attitude she had all morning while we were there. After getting our cards, we headed back to the children's section, where they had lots and lots of stuffed animals, cute painted table and chairs and a big rug to sit on. We picked out a few books to look at and sat down to read. However, Claire's attention span was less than a minute long and was off to play with the stuffed animals. Camden did enjoy reading some books with Mommy, but even her attention span was a lot shorter since we had Claire with us. And, Claire was such a disruption because she doesn't understand the meaning of whisper or talk quietly. I guess our next trip to the library will be on a Camden and Mommy day. Today was a good day, and even though the trip didn't go exactly like I had pictured it in my mind, it was still a lot of FUN!!

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