Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baylor Basketball

This morning we got dressed and headed to Waco to watch a Baylor Basketball game. The girls were very excited to be going to see "The Big Bear", as Claire calls it. And, we couldn't disappoint them. First thing after arriving in Waco, we went to the Bear Pit to check out the bears. And, we were fortunate enough and got to see both bears! How fun!! Then, on to my favorite thing...Lunch at Ninfa's!! Eating there brings back lots of college memories!! We arrived at the game fairly early. We still had about 40 minutes or so before tip off, so we were unsure of how Camden and Claire would do while we waited. But, they sure surprised us. There was so much going on that they were entertained the entire wait time. And, when it came time to announce the BU starters, the lights dimmed and the green and yellow spotlights came on. The girls were in awe! What fun to see the wonder and amazement on their faces. The game was so fast paced that they were really entertained. There was a bear mascot that came out wearing basketball shorts and a jersey and he ran around and acted silly the whole game. This was definitely Claire's favorite part! Every 10 seconds she would ask me, "Where's the big bear?"...I PROMISE it was every 10 seconds!! We left at half-time, but only because Claire was getting very tired and whiny. I really think Camden would have enjoyed watching the entire game. She would clap for whoever made a shot, no matter what team it was. What a good sport!! We had a great Saturday on our road trip and hope to have many more in the future!

Checking out the bears

Daddy and Camden at the game

Mommy and Claire

The players warming up

Do you see the big bear??

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