Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Last night was "Meet the Teacher" at both Camden and Claire's schools. We got all dressed to go meet their teachers, check out the schools and hopefully see some old friends and meet some new ones. They both were pretty excited, but Camden more so than Claire. Carlyle had no idea what we were getting ready for, but she was excited just to "go".

First up was Claire's school. Since Claire had the same teacher that Camden had last year, she was already familiar with her. We got to the school and saw lots of familiar faces. Everyone was happy to see us and made us feel so welcome. When we got to the room, Claire immediately got very shy, clinging to me. We found where she would sit and her cubby. We walked around the room, hoping she would warm up a little. Camden took her and they played in the kitchen and wrote on the board for awhile. After getting to play for awhile she did warm up and was ready to speak to Mrs. Aubuchon. Of course, she was excited to see Claire and gave her a big hug. I just know Claire is going to have a great year!

After cookies and milk in the cafeteria at Claire's school, we headed over to Camden's new school to meet her teacher and check out her room. Camden is at the school where I used to teach at, so I enjoyed getting to check out all the changes that have been made and loved seeing lots of familiar faces. I love that I have friends that teach and work at the same campus that Camden will be at. It's nice to know that so many people will be watching out for her!! We found Camden's room and as we walked in I just had a great feeling. It was bright and cheerful and even smelled good!! Camden found her desk and cubby and walked around the room checking everything out. We met Mrs. Hering and I could tell that she was genuinely happy and excited about Camden being in her class. I am confident that Camden is in a great class and that it's going to be a super year!! Yeah for 1st grade!!

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