Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Claire Bear!!!

Today we celebrated Claire's 5th birthday! Oh my, I can't believe that she is already 5. Where did the time go??? How did she so quickly go from this

to this?

We started off the morning with cinnamon rolls, per Claire's request. Then, it was off to school for the big Kindergartener. After lunch, I brought some cupcakes up to her class. She loved it when her class sang Happy Birthday to her and Mrs. Aubuchon gave her 5 birthday hugs!

And then we took Claire to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday dinner. She quickly announced to the lady at the door that it was her birthday because she remembered from last year that you get a birthday sticker and extra tokens!! Smart girl!! It was a perfect night to go...there was only about 3 other kids there, seriously! So quiet and calm!! The girls had a great time going from games to rides and back to games.

When we got home Claire got to open her presents and eat another cupcake for dessert. She loved her new pizza and sandwich food for her kitchen and was really excited about her Little Pony remote control car. We had a fun day celebrating Claire and I hope she knows how special she is to all of us!! We love you Claire and can't wait to celebrate again at the big birthday bash in just a few weeks!!!

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