Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Fun!!

Since Carlyle was in an unusually decent mood today, I attempted to do a mini photo-shoot. Here's what we started out with...not really any smiles, but still pretty cute!

Then...oopsie daisy!! We fell over.
*On a side note...I didn't realize this 3 month Carter's outfit was too short for Miss Priss. She was wearing high waters today. Oh well, I really like blue on her so we had to sport the outfit one more time!

After a few more pictures, Carlyle was leaned back in the recliner and she tried to sit herself up. And, here's what happened tell the story.

And finally, what's a day without a little dress-up? Camden and Claire decided it would be fun to dress up their sister in some of their new duds!! I think Carlyle really enjoyed dressing up, especially with the boa. She really wanted to see how it tasted!!

And just for fun...same pic in black and white.


Meg said...

i love the "outtakes!" they always crack me up! it is so hard to get a really good baby picture!!

Leslie said... the one where she fell over the first time and is kind of laughing. Precious baby!!:)

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Oh my goodness... PRECIOUS!!! :-)