Monday, January 18, 2010

4 months old

These last 4 months have literally flown by. I blinked and my baby is 4 months old. Oh how I miss the days when she would lay on my chest and sleep. These days she prefers to be laid down to go to rocking, no cuddling. I won't makes me sad. I can't believe that in 8 short months she will be celebrating her first birthday! Time, please slow down!! We attemtped a little photo shoot for her 4 month milestone, but the stinker WOULD NOT smile. As soon as the camera goes down she grins from ear to ear and as soon as it goes back up the grin is gone. She is a toot, but she's my little toot and I love her so much! The last picture shows that she was definitely ready for the photo shoot to be over! Enough is enough!!

Jeremy got me Photoshop as an early birthday present and today is really the first time that I have really messed with it. Can I just say frustrating????? I have no idea what I'm doing and was just pushing buttons, etc... This is the finished product. It wasn't really what I started off trying to do, but I like it. And, after I got it the way I wanted it, I spent at least 2 hours trying to figure out how to save it so that it would upload. Maybe I'm just a little slow, but it took me forever. I finally pressed the right button and voila!! That wore me out so I will be going to bed very soon!!! And, by the way, I have NO IDEA why this picture is bigger than the others. That's another lesson for another day!

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Meg said...

she is so precious and i LOVE her chubby cheeks!! you are right it seems like this go-around it is going soooooo fast!! dang it!! i think it is b/c they are probably our last ones and every little "last" makes us so nostalgic!! i guess there's nothing to do but keep enjoying it, huh?? :)