Friday, February 6, 2009

Round 2

Yesterday, I decided to keep Claire home from school one more day, just to make sure she was well. I think she's great now...eating well, playing well and feeeling well! FINALLY!! We had a great night with the girls. When trying to put Camden to bed she said her tummy hurt. This is not unusual for her, she tends to make things up that hurt when it's bedtime, in order to prolong her going to sleep. I gave her a chewable children's Pepto tablet and she went to sleep. At 9:30pm she started crying, so Jeremy went to check on her and she had thrown up all over herself, the bed, and the floor. He gave her a bath while I tended to the vomit covered bedding. I put it in the wash and then went to tackle the pink-stained carpet with some Resolve. Since her sheets weren't dry I decided to let her sleep on the couch and I would sleep on the floor, which meant basically no sleep at all. I got a bucket out so she could throw up in it. Thank goodness I did...after 3 more times of throwing up, finally around 4:00am she went to sleep. Claire ususally sleeps until around 7am, however, this morning she was awake at 6:15am. I tried to keep her quiet so Camden could sleep, which was a challenge. Cam finally woke up at 6:45 and, so far, seems OK. Hopefully she will have a good day and feel good, and I am definitely hoping for a nap.


Anonymous said...

Oh girl...that sounds terrible! Something definitely must be going around! I hope the girls stay well! Poor Camden! I was just reading your blog and Parker recognized Claire and said "Care". It was so cute. He must notice her from school and the Little Gym. I was going to tell you, a friend of mine has used the plain pedialite and put koolaid flavoring in it. She said her kids liked that much better.

Meg said...

NOTHING worse than a stomach bug invading your home!! UGH!! how are YOU feeling?? did you ever get your zofran at a reasonable price?? it has helped me SO SO much. hope you guys have a healthy weekend :)

Jennifer said...

i'm feeling ok. i did get the generic of zofran for $10. awesome!! hope all is well at your house. hopefully we will all get healthy this weekend!! take care.