Monday, February 16, 2009

On the road to recovery

Sorry this post is a little overdue, however, I've been sick since Wednesday with nausea/vomiting and am just now feeling better. I've been a little out of touch with my family since I've been stuck in the bed for 5 days. But, I do know that Camden and Claire had a Valentine's party at school on Thursday, and as much as I wish I had pictures to show, I wasn't able to attend. But, I do know they came home with some major loot from their friends! I had big plans to have our "Hearts and Love" day on Saturday, but really wasn't feeling up to it. So, maybe we'll just skip February's theme day and start planning for March. Or not...we'll see how I feel when that time rolls around. I did have a little energy on Saturday morning...just enough to put on our Valentine's tablecloth and get out the girls' Valentine's goodies. But, after 5 minutes of work, I was wiped out and headed to the couch to rest. Jeremy knew I would want some pictures, so he was thoughtful enough to take some of the girls enjoying their Mickey Mouse Paint with water books. Besides what they got from us, Nana and Papa and Marme' and Pops also contributed some great stuff for Valentine's this year. I think the girls had a great time, even though their Mommy was still sick in bed most of the day. But, I do have to say that Jeremy picked up the slack with bathing, dressing, entertainig, and feeding the girls, putting them to bed, and even managed to get in a little housework. I'm blessed to have a sweet husband who not only took care of the girls while I was sick, but also took care of me. Also, thanks to my parents and in-laws who also stepped up to the plate to help out with caring for the girls, and anything else that was needed. I'm feeling much better now...just trying to rest up to get some energy back.


Jaime said...

is this preggo sick or sick-sick?! I'm glad you're on the mend. :)

Jennifer said...

nobody knows..not even doctors. it definitely could be a combination of both, since the girls had the virus not too long ago. i'm just glad it's over. 5 days is WAY TOO LONG to be sick like that:)