Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Party

Yesterday we hosted our annual Gingerbread party and we had a blast!!! So many of our friends came and we are so glad we were able to share the morning with them!! We were sad that the Walton and Bunt families weren't able to join us due to illness. We missed you and hope everyone is feeling better!
The girls were super excited for lots of friends to arrive. Don't you love their shirts?? Thanks to my friend, Leslie, for their "belated birthday gifts". We love them!!!

We started off decorating Gingerbread houses. Everyone worked hard on creating the perfect house. Then the kids played and played!! All the moms brought food and we had such a delicious lunch! It was a bit chilly, but most of the kids played outside for awhile. It was nice to eat lunch without interruptions and to enjoy adult conversation!!

Thanks again to the Ackers, Huskeys, McNeals, Newberrys, Buttrams and Chileks for bringing your kids over for a fun morning!! We had a great time enjoying your company!

After dinner, we decided to get out our big Gingerbread house. After taking the pieces out, Claire immediately grabbed the snowman and claims that she's going to decorate it. Well, I'm not sure I would use that word, but it was creative anyway. This is the first year that our house actually looked cute. It usually looks more "white trash" than anything. I even participated this year and added a few creative touches. I am quite proud of our house and loved spending time together as a family!!

I tried to get a picture of the girls with our finished house. Oh well, one smile out of three isn't bad. Can you tell it was bedtime???

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