Saturday, December 18, 2010

15 months old

Today Carlyle is 15 months old. When we went last Wednesday for her appt, she only weighed 18lb 11oz and was 29 1/4" long. That's 3rd percentile for weight and 19th percentile for height. The doctor said she needs to visit the "fat farm" so that she will gain some weight. But, she eats all the time. She is constantly pointing to her snack cabinet when we walk past it and she knows exactly where her snack drawer is at my parents house and will crawl over and open it, get what she wants and try to open the can or package. And, she would eat ALL DAY LONG. She loves all of the Gerber snacks...puffs, cheetohs, fruit snacks, dried fruit and will still eat baby food. Not sure why after all the good table food she's eaten, but I'm not complaining because baby food sure is easy sometimes. In fact, her normal breakfast is a jar of the baby food cereal that already has fruit mixed in. She loves it!! Although Carlyle is still not walking, just this week she has started letting me hold her hands and she will take a few steps. So, I guess we're heading in the right direction...just at a very slow pace:) Carlyle makes us laugh all the time and is doing lots of cute things! She does this "ET" thing where she will point her finger at you and she wants you to point your finger and touch hers. Kinda weird, but cute because it's Carlyle. One thing that I am thankful for is that she is a great sleeper and goes to bed so easily. All I have to do is give her a pacifier and her blanket and lay her down and she's out. Although I miss being able to rock her, it sure is nice to be able to lay her down and walk out of the room. She is sleeping great at night-usually 7pm to 7am. I wish her sisters would take some lessons...ha ha. This was supposed to be a quick post, but somehow I have managed to write alot more. So, I'm finished, but here are a few pictures of Carlyle at 15 months old.

Being silly with Mommy's camera lens

Playing with Camden and Claire's bell from The Polar Express

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Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

She is such a cutie-patootie!!! Don't worry about her walking. My Jack started walking 1 week after his 15 month doctor's appointment. But, my Mallory was walking at 12 months. It's funny how each child is so different.

Hope ya'll have a very, merry Christmas!! Tell your mom hi for me! I sure miss seeing her down in the nursery every Sunday.