Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Classroom Celebration

Saturday is Camden's official birthday and Friday the kids are out of school. And since I work on Thursdays at PDO then today was the day that we took cupcakes to her class to celebrate her upcoming birthday! She was so excited all morning and kept asking when I was going to come to her school. Even Claire couldn't wait to go to Camden's class and eat cupcakes with the big Kindergarteners. Jeremy met us at her school and when we walked into the classroom, Camden's face lit up. That made it all worthwhile! Mrs. Aubuchon led the class in singing Happy Birthday to Camden and then proceeded to give her 6 birthday hugs and a birthday tickle to grown on. So cute!! Thank you Mrs. Aubuchon for letting us celebrate Camden's birthday with her friends!


JoJo said...

What special memories you are creating for these girls. So much fun to read your's and Leslie's blog. Thank you for sharing.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

enjoyed your blog tonight....I have some new pictures of my little Buzz and my holiday blog has new holiday pictures when you have some a comment is all it takes for the giveaway.