Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We spent Christmas Eve at Marme' and Pops' house and had a great time! All the cousins have so much fun together! We got a few pictures before it got crazy!!
Madeline and Carlyle being silly
We had a birthday party for Jesus!
Carlyle loved the cake!!
We had our annual White Elephant Gift exchange and Jake brought a great gift. A rat!! Rachel ended up with it and screamed so loud. It was hilarious!! Of course, the kids had to get a good look at it!!
Then, after all that excitement, Santa came and brought gifts for the kids. Everyone LOVED it, except Carlyle. She cried and cried. I have no idea how she can love every other Santa she sees and get totally terrified of the one on Christmas Eve. Oh well, Daddy saved the day and held her and read her the book that Santa brought.
Then the madness began. There were gifts, paper, and boxes everywhere. It was pure chaos, but so fun!!
Camden loved her new lamp and pillow! Thanks Marme' and Pops!!
After all the gifts were open, the guys brought in one last present. It was for Pops. Everyone went in together and got him a new 60" TV. He was shocked! It was a great surprise!!
After we got home, we had to sprinkle our reindeer food outside.
And we put out our cookies and chocolate milk for Santa!
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and loved spending time with family! Thanks to the Chilek family for great food, lots of laughs and tons of memories!!

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