Monday, June 4, 2012

Six Flags road trip

Yesterday our family and my parents headed to Dallas to take the girls to Six Flags. Camden and Claire were so excited, although they had never been. They didn't quite know what to expect, but still couldn't wait to experience the fun!! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and it was not crowded at all. I'm not sure how we managed to pick such a perfect day, but we were so happy!! There were no lines on most rides and if we had to wait, it was no more than 10 minutes! Just perfect!!
Camden was much more of a daredevil than we thought she would be. She loved every ride she rode, especially the Shock Wave and the Flashback! I couldn't believe she rode it, but she loved it!! Claire was much more conservative, only riding the "slow" rides. Both girls rode the Bobsleds, but Claire wasn't too thrilled with how fast it was. And after the Mine Train, Claire was pretty much done with the roller coasters:)
And this picture just makes me laugh. Camden was a little scared, Jeremy and Claire were thrilled and my dad was holding Carlyle so she wouldn't fall forward. Definitely a keepsake!!
I have to admit that I wasn't real excited about the trip to Six Flags. I'm not a fan of hot weather (without a pool nearby) or waiting in lines in hot weather. But, we had a great time and Carlyle did so well without a nap. After we left the park around 4:00, we headed to Pappadeaux for an early dinner. It was so good, especially since we were starving because we didn't have any lunch:) Thanks to Nana and Papa for joining us on the road trip. We all had such a fun day! We loved making memories with our family!!

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