Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carlyle turns 2!!

Sunday was Carlyle's 2nd birthday and she awoke to one of her favorite things...BALLOONS! Not just any balloons, but two of her favorite characters...MINNIE and ELMO!!! She was so excited. I don't think we even needed gifts. She was having so much fun with her balloons. But, you only turn 2 once, so we had to get her some fun presents.

She loves to sing the "I love you" song from Barney, and as much as it annoys me, it sure is cute when my baby sings it. So, we got her a Barney book that plays the song.

She also got a Minnie Mouse that talks and her bow lights up. It's really cute and Carlyle loves it. She's finally figured out how to squeeze her hand to make her talk and she will do it at night when she's supposed to be sleeping. Ha!
The big 1st grade sister reading Carlyle her card.
Feeding her new baby a bottle.
All dressed for church in her birthday dress!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Carlyle! We love you so much and are so thankful you are a part of our family! Your make us smile and laugh daily and you definitely keep us on our toes. You have alot of "spunk" and are just so likeable:) You are such a social butterfly and will say hi to anyone and everyone, no matter where we are. You go anywhere, like you own the place. It doesn't matter if it's the grocery store, school or a restaurant. You LOVE men, especially older men. You seem to be attracted to them and will just go up and talk to them, which I'm sure makes their day. You bring so much joy to everyone that you are around and I pray that you will continue to bring smiles to others' faces as you grow older. Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet Baby C!!

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