Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aubrey turns 5!

Tonight we went over to the Acker's house to celebrate Aubrey's 5th birthday. Camden and Claire were so excited about getting to play in the water. The girls had such a fun time playing with all the kids, getting wet, and eating cake and ice cream. Despite the heat wave, we all had a good time. The kids didn't seem to notice how hot it was, however, the adults were walking through the sprinklers just to cool off. But, we all survived! Happy Birthday, Aubrey!!

Headed off to the sprinklers, hand in hand

Fun in the water

Time to try the slide

Now time for the best part...CAKE!


Claire's turn on the slide

Camden was so excited to try out Aubrey's new hula hoop. Bad news, I think she may need some more practice.

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